[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.6

Thank you,Dani.I will spend more time on testing.

I think it might be the fault of games reembarks?I just opened a brand new game save,successfully obtained Masterwork crops,but using reembarkation won’t work. :sob:

What about ranch animals and herbs, have you successfully obtained them that are Masterwork quality?

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Oh,Dani,I think I may have discovered the reason,I spent several hours trying three ethnic groups.:merry:

The Ascendancy can grow crops and herbs are Masterwork quality , but Rayya’s Children or Northern Alliance cannot, games reembarks is not affect result,I have been playing Northern Alliance since collecting the complete recipe.Maybe you can also test it out!

But ranch animals still don’t work.:glum:


I spent whole day testing again,I used the same fertilizer,animals food and herbal planting pots in all three tests(even of the same quality).

The result is the same as the conjecture in the previous reply. The Ascendancy can easily grow crops and herbs are Masterwork quality , but Rayya’s Children or Northern Alliance cannot.No ethnic group has ever received animals are Masterwork quality.

If you have time, you can investigate where the problem is.Thank you for reading.Have a good time!:merry:


I have found the issue with the farming for other factions. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I fixed it for the next update!

As for animals, try using their special food. The Hearth Fodder only has a 2% chance of making them Masterwork every time they eat. Their special food has a 5% chance, and their special megacrop food has 10% chance.

I’ve done some testing and it works here, however I managed to get it with their special food, not the Hearth Fodder. The Hearth Fodder is good “filler” food but the best food for each animal is their specific food :jubilant:


Thank you very much for your help. I will try it out. :jubilant:

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Alright, I think everything is fixed :merry:

You were also right about pasture animals. They had an issue where they wouldn’t become Masterwork if the food was served on troughs. Which makes no sense :jubilant: But I fixed that too!

I don’t know when the next update will be out but they will be there :jubilant:

Once again, thank you very much for the support and for all the testing and for bringing these issues to our attention!


Greetings, my beloved hearthlings! :jubilant:

I wanted to try some new things today, and I really like the idea of sharing screenshots from the community on update posts (I’ve seen it being done on Vintage Story’s updates and really like it!)

From @TG777GT, second-place in the recent “Arctic Living” contest in the ACE Discord server

Yes, it took us a little longer than expected but we’re finally done with the last incremental patch for the “Mercantile Update”, which, yes, means we’re done with the last major update before 1.0! Of course we’ll still (probably) have patches for fixing issues, hotfixes and activating/de-activating seasonal events, so keep an eye on our announcements, as usual!

Now, this update is huge. Even though it’s just an incremental patch, there was a lot of things that we have been cooking for a long time and that have finally been finished! I definitely recommend you read the notes because not only the first part of it will help you grasp the new power of the overhauled Crafting UI and mechanics, but also because the rest of it is full - and I mean it - of things that will tick a lot of wishlists… :jubilant: Fireplaces? Armor and weapon racks? More hearthling customization? Extensible bridges? Multi-seating benches? Check all that and much more… So enjoy the read!



  • Due to some recipe changes you might get a couple of recipe-related issues when loading a game. The error is harmless and can be ignored.
  • Because of the changes to market stall visuals, any merchants that are currently set up in your town at the time of loading might have glitched visuals/graphics. This is expected and will fix itself when they leave and new merchants come.
  • Due to the changes to how Water Wells work, existing wells might trigger issues on game start and require new wells to be placed for them to work perfectly. Sorry about that! (Fixed on


  • The Crafting UI and mechanics have received drastic updates. This overhaul is part of the foundation needed for 1.0 and the unique mechanics we have planned for crafting automation and Dwarves, so an early release will allow us to polish/improve and fix it as needed before the actual release of ACE!
  • Many of the decisions were greatly influenced and openly discussed with the community in our Discord Server! Make sure to join us there if you are not already to take part in any future discussions :jubilant:
  • There are now two separate crafting queues for each crafter: the Primary Queue and the Secondary Queue. As the names suggest, a crafter will always try to fulfill all the orders from the Primary Queue before moving on to the other one. Both queues can be toggled On or Off individually.
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  • Whenever a new “Make” crafting order is added, when you only want a certain number of items crafted, it will automatically go to the Primary queue. Whenever a “Maintain” crafting order is added, it will automatically go to the Secondary queue.
  • Additionally, there’s now a lot of new information on tooltips when you hover your mouse over a crafting order. You can see the type of order, the reasons why the order can’t be fulfilled (if any) and any child orders generated by that order. You will also always see a useful list of commands/modifying hotkeys that you can use to manage your orders.
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  • Orders will also have icons to inform the player of their origin. A yellow icon with two arrows indicates an order that is connected to other orders. Hovering your mouse over it will highlight these other orders if they belong to the same crafter. A blueprint icon indicates an order that was automatically queued by a building plan. Hovering your mouse over it will highlight orders from the same plan, and the tooltip will tell you what building it belongs to (if you name your buildings!)
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  • Double-clicking an order will now allow you to edit it more easily than before. When you double-click it, you’ll be able to change the amount to be crafted and also to move it between queues if, for some reason, you’d prefer to have a certain “Maintain” order in the Primary queue or keep a certain very low-priority “Make” order in the Secondary queue! Additionally, you can now more easily send an order to the top or bottom of the list without having to drag!
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  • The recipe list itself will also show you information about your queues. The tooltip of a recipe will show you useful commands and also the amount of recipes of that type you already have queued, what kind of orders they are and a helpful green banner will display at a glance which recipes are already in the crafting queues.
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  • As shown on the commands, you can now hold Ctrl to quickly create a “Maintain” order (similarly to how right-clicking creates a “Make” order); Further pressing Ctrl + right-clicking will add to the existing “Maintain” order amount instead of making a new order (if the respective gameplay setting is On). And as before, holding Shift will add the order at the top of their respective queue.
  • The Orders tab has also been reworked. All orders now have a different colored frame to quickly inform the player if they’re a “Make” or “Maintain” order, and the Orders tab will summarize how many of each kind of order you have: ( Make, Maintain, Auto (not available yet))
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  • There is now a new global toggle for the “Category crafting” system we introduced a while ago, where you can quickly visualize which categories your crafters are allowed to craft and it will also highlight in red if you have categories that are not allowed to be crafted by any of your crafters.
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  • The Age of Information is here! There’s a lot of new bits of data shown on crafting recipes and/or item tooltips now: Gear Score (known internally as “item level”, used by hearthlings to determine what they’ll equip), Health (if the object has any, like a door), Storage space (if the object is a container), Size (all three dimensions, if the object can be placed), Max extensible length (for objects that can be extended like Water Pumps), Fuel storage capacity (for crafting stations that utilize fuel), Fuel Units (for fuels themselves), Warmth Radius (for objects that will warm those around them), Perceived Threat (For traps or turrets, how likely enemies are to target them), Range (for ranged weapons) or Reach (for melee weapons) and so on.
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  • Although not directly related to crafting but definitely related to these new bits of information, you can now hover the mouse over an object’s picture on their Unit Frame to see their tooltip. This can be useful to be able to see, for example, the Fuel Units of a selected fuel object, or the dimensions of an iconic piece of furniture.
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  • We’ve tweaked the colors of some Crafting UI elements to make sure that they are not confusing or misleading with all the new mechanics.
  • The “Use higher quality ingredients” toggle has been removed. Crafters will now automatically prefer higher quality ingredients as long as they’re close enough. To help with that, we’ve changed the restocking logic to always try to restock Supply Containers with the highest quality stuff!
  • We’ve adjusted several minor things on the crafting UI, tried to make mouse-scrolling smoother and the overall experience more responsive.
  • From now on, whenever a recipe has a lot of ingredients, the crafter will only play the “drop” animation for the first few of them and then the rest will be automatically dropped. This should make crafting slightly faster when it comes to huge recipes or piles, for example.
  • All the crafters have received an overhaul to their Crafting UI to have a bit more personality and to be slightly different from each other. Details and decorations have been added to some of them and their headers are now painted with the same colors as their craftable wall signs, to keep the “job color” consistent across the game.
  • To reflect these changes, some small elements and objects might have been recolored to fit the whole idea. (i.e.: The Blacksmith sign is now black; The Carpenter sign is now green, etc.)
  • We hope that these changes will help streamline the crafting experience in the game and make the management of long queues or lots of orders much more satisfying! Please do not hesitate to provide feedback after you’ve experimented with it, report any issues you find and suggest any possible improvements!


  • Similarly to the crafting changes above, we’re also preparing the Engineer for some big stuff coming to 1.0 like automation and mechanical power. Because of that the Engineer has received some updates that are relevant enough to be near the top!
  • The Engineer can no longer craft “Soft Metal Bits” or “Hard Metal Bits”.
  • Instead, the Engineer can now craft “Simple Mechanical Components” or “Complex Mechanical Components”. These new refined resources work as an “advanced” refined product needed for some of their crafts.
  • Fixed the Lock recipe that was using the item’s localizations as its name and description.
  • Added “reloadable” property to siege weapon component, allowing turrets to run out of ammunition when they run out of uses, requiring reloading (handled by the transform_component)
  • Changed repairing to not replenish ammunition if turret is reloadable.
  • Changed the name of “Turret” to “Bolt Turret”.
  • “Common Turret Ammunition”, refined good. Crafted by the Engineer and used to reload the Bolt Turret.
  • Changed many of the recipes, moved levels around a bit for a more paced progression.
  • Changed visuals of some items to match Engineer colors, changed some material colors (i.e.: vanilla turnip shooter using bronze cogs and having iron cogs on its model)
  • Added “Golden Gourd Gun” and “Potato Pounder”, variants of the “Turnip Shooter” (now named “Turnip Thrower”)
  • Tweaked trap range, from 5 to 3.
  • Traps and Turrets must now be placed by an Engineer.
  • Tweaked “Iron Gear” visuals to match ACE’s color for iron.
  • Updated filters and merchants with all the new stuff.


  • On February 9th of this year, the very adorable and loyal dog Thorin has, unfortunately, passed away due to a quick and unstoppable cancer. :forlorn: Thorin was essentially a family member to ACE Team’s Dani, he belonged to his brother, and was the inspiration behind several things in the mod, perhaps most notably the cute dog selling beverages for the Level 3 Drink Merchant (Thoto the Mascot). As it has been done before in similar situations, a new landmark and monument have been added to keep Thorin in our memories, forever. Good fortune to all of you that find it in your map generation :merry: :heart:
  • As always, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the community members that have supported us through our Ko-Fi support page! So, as usual, we’ve updated the Community Shrine with all the new names. Thank you very much! :heart: :merry: And if you’re not on the Shrine’s timeless memorial yet, visit our Ko-Fi and join today!
  • (More) Diversity has come to the Hearthlands! We’ve added 6 new skin tones and 6 new hair colors to the game. These are available on hearthling creation (roster selection screen) but are also seeded for new randomly generated citizens and NPCs. While we’re expanding the array of available shades, we’ve mostly kept the original (base-game) proportions for each Kingdom, only expanding the possibilities within their own arrays of choices.
  • Support for ordinals on hearthling customizations has been added. This means that when creating a hearthling, customizations (skin tone, hair color) will now follow a logical order, making it easier to compare slightly different shades.
  • Poyos, Ducks and Ostriches that are part of a pasture will now occasionally lose feathers, allowing the player to get the resource without having to slaughter the poor babies.
  • We’ve added lots of features to our “extensible object” component that was previously only used by Water Pumps, to allow the creation of lots of new and interesting objects. For example:
  • Plank Bridge and Small Plank Bridge, building parts. These handy objects can be placed on walls and from above, which allows them to be placed on ledges. After placing, you can extend a custom-sized extension to build a neat bridge!
  • Rope Ladder, building part. Want to provide access to a different level but be able to control when that access is possible or not? The Weaver can now craft a very useful rope ladder that can be extended or retracted at will!
  • Extreme weather will now affect hearthlings indoors as well (with the directly lower level effect). For example, on days with “Freezing” weather, even inside hearthlings will still feel “Cold” effects. If only we had a way to deal with this…
  • Fireplaces! We’re finally adding the hearthstone to Stonehearth. Fireplaces come in different sizes, shapes and materials but most of them work the same way: they can be placed freely or on the middle of walls (similarly to how you place windows) and, after placing, you can extend a custom-sized chimney from them!
  • Small Stone Fireplace, Stone Fireplace, Grand Stone Fireplace, Small Clay Fireplace, Clay Fireplace, Small Brick Fireplace, Brick Fireplace, Grand Brick Fireplace, Small Iron Stove, building parts.
  • Wind level, weather attribute. What’s fun about fireplaces if we don’t get a nice column of smoke, right? From now on, every weather type has an associated wind speed that varies from None to Extreme. For now, wind speed doesn’t affect anything other than the smoke column from fireplace chimneys… For now…
  • Sibling Entities, component. In addition to the improvements to the Extensible Object Component we’re also releasing a new component that can be used in creating lots of interesting new objects! In summary, this component allows entities to dynamically create other entities that act as their “siblings”, being part of the original entity as if they were one but with possible interactions and characteristics of their own. As examples of its use we’ve added:
  • Multi-seat objects! The days of social distancing are over, hearthlings will now be able to share benches! For now we’ve added this to all the existing benches but feel free to suggest other objects that could benefit from that!
  • “Crafter’s Tool Belt”, “Farmer’s Back Basket”, accessories. They work like “Leather Backpacks” do to Workers, but for crafters and farmers. This allows them to pick up and drop items much faster, and also to run while carrying things.
  • Better recipe unlocking bulletins. You’ll now be able to see which recipes were unlocked when an event (i.e.: Town Upgrade) or an item (i.e.: Candledark Recipes) unlock a crafting recipe for your town. Clicking the icon on the bulletin will also take you straight to the recipe in the crafting UI! Town upgrade encounters and town bonuses have all been updated to support this feature.
  • Gear racks! It’s finally time to display your hard-earned legendary shield, your exotic Dynasty Weapons collection, your precious masterwork quality Phoenix Paladin Regalia or simply have a convenient place to dump all your equipment!
  • Riveted Armor Stand, Wall-Mounted Shield Display, Short-hafted Weapons Rack, Bladed Weapons Rack, Polearm Weapons Rack, storage.
  • Added Knight, Cleric and Archer Dynasty Armors.
  • Added Knight Dynasty shields.
  • Added Dynasty Worker Outfits (for freezing weather and a regular upgraded one)
  • Added lots of Dynasty decorations and building parts like Incense, a Gong (it allows you to play eastern music), doors, gates, fences, windows, lamps, among others.
  • Seeded all the new Dynasty content on Dom Vandon’s quests and caravan merchant!
  • Chunk of Rock and Tiny Chunk of Rock, terraforming. The Mason can now place small bits of rock terrain!
  • Lingonberry Wine, drink. A new exclusive beverage for the Northern Alliance, giving another use to their favorite little berry!
  • “Enable Tending”, a new toggleable setting for Herbalist Planters. With this new setting you can disable planters from being regularly tended, which will drastically reduce the workload of your Herbalists if you have a lot of planters used solely for decorative purposes. Window flower boxes and pots have it “Off” by default.
  • Stockpile filters will now support multiple lines for the filter names, giving more space for the item selections themselves.
  • There’s now a filter option for “Lily Pads” in supply containers.
  • There’s a new filter preset for engineering stuff in supply containers.
  • There are now filter options for all sizes of antidotes on fluid supply containers (like casks).
  • We’ve added support for the equipment_piece component to hide character customizations if an equipped item requires them to do so. From now on, items like the Rayya’s Children Footman helmets (which have facemasks) will hide the beards of hearthlings, for example!
  • Added (or changed) game loading tips to support the new crafting changes.
  • (For Modders!) As mentioned above, the new plank bridges, rope ladder and fireplaces utilize ACE’s extensible_object_component (internally known as the “Extensible Thingy Component”), which was originally devised for water pumps but has been extended (pun intended) for much broader uses. Check these objects out to learn more about the huge potential of this component and how you can use it in your own mods!
  • (For Modders!) The new fireplace toppers benefit from a new lamp_component light policy called parent! Check them out to learn more about creating connected entities that will turn on/off based on the light status of their parent entity!
  • (For Modders!) The new sibling_entities_component can also be used in many different ways to create lots of new and interesting objects for the game. One could even create a modern stove that includes the “Cooking Pot” and the “Oven” in the same object! Make sure to check out the benches or the new armor stand for a reference on how to use it.
  • (For Modders!) In the process of adding better recipe unlocking bulletins we’ve also started transferring all unlockable recipes in the game to “Recipe Lists” data files which are much more manageable JSONs, allowing modders to easily add items to town upgrades or certain encounters without having to change the town upgrade LUAs or the encounter files. You can find the recipe lists we’re already covering in the /data/recipe_lists folder, with more to come in the future, like Amberstone recipes!
  • (For Modders!) You can now pick the item’s quality when placing an item from the Item Stamper debug tool!
  • (For Modders!) Added an option for the stump component to ignore creating listeners, to allow for stump creation only on-demand. This is used by Engineer Turrets that will only leave a “stump” when they run out of ammunition.
  • (For Modders!) Buffs can now have a kill_on_expiration flag that causes the buff to kill the host entity when it expires.
  • (For Modders!) Some background work on an experimental, not yet available mapping service.


  • We have reverted a previous change to how low damage (less than 1) is handled. Originally, whenever damage was lower than 1, the game would either make it 1 or 0 (50% of chance for each). We changed it so that percentage was actually based on the damage amount, so if the final damage calculation was 0.75, that would be a 75% chance of being 1 and only 25% chance of being 0. Ideally the change was good, however in practice we’ve realized that there are far too many enemies at the mid-late game that give very small amounts of damage compared to high player attributes and equipment, resulting in lots of enemies inflicting no damage at all. We will bring back this change after a more extensive overhauling of combat values and attributes is done for 1.0.
  • There’s now a couple of new categories for the fixture selection UI in the Builder mode. Additionally, the window is larger, allowing more fixtures to be shown at the same time. And the search bar will now take materials/tags into consideration.
  • We’ve optimized the time it takes for a lot of items to transform into other items, like cheesemaking or brewing. We’ve also tweaked how many items are given after the transformation is complete. Overall it should be much easier to maintain stocks of cheese, wines, vinegar and so on from now on.
  • The visuals for the set up market stalls of all Level 1 and Level 2 Merchants have been reworked to fit our original goals! Each merchant will now have a very customized stall with decorations that reflect their jobs. Some Level 3 stalls have received the same treatment, but not all. Since they’re larger objects and involve more work, we want to make sure everything is working well before we commit to all of the Level 3 unique designs. They will be updated soon!
  • Surprisingly, even though market stalls are now more diverse than ever, they’re also lighter. We’ve managed to trim their models and reduced their folder size by staggering ~80 mb of memory! Optimization is real!
  • We have reworked how water wells work. From now on, the first hearthling to interact with a well will actually take out a bucket of water from it and place it on the ground. Other hearthlings will take their water from this bucket, which means that they can drink simultaneously and each hearthling in need of a drink won’t have to draw a bucket themselves (which takes a while due to the animation)
  • Additionally, recipes that require a “Bucket of Water” will now trigger the crafter to automatically go and collect water from the well. You no longer need to harvest the well to store buckets of water.
  • Because of that, some recipes have had “Water” as an ingredient added to them. It’s not a whole lot - most of them are for the Brewer, some obvious ones like water planters and stone fountains, and some foodstuffs like broth, doughs and stews.
  • Finally, if you do want to stockpile buckets of water for easier crafting or some other reason (i.e.: a terraforming project) you can now place fluid containers like barrels or casks and set their filters to store water. When this is done, hearthlings will automatically gather water from wells and bring to the containers until they’re filled.
  • Someone has brought to our attention that Hearthlings in ACE were… Cannibals. For years. Because they can eat food made from bones (Bone Marrow or Broth) and bones can be acquired from multiple sources, some of which are humanoid creatures and even former hearthlings (like the Undead). After three days of shock and the initial trauma of this revelation gone, we’ve then decided to split the bone resources into two types: Animal and Humanoid. As you can probably expect, only Animal bones may be used in food, tonics or fertilizer recipes from now on…
  • Because of that, many of the bones have had model changes, description changes and filters were correctly adapted. Ingredient lists are also updated. You can visually tell Animal and Humanoid bones apart from their color, the Humanoid bones being slightly cleaner and more white. Skulls and Ogre Bones are now considered Humanoid bones.
  • Slightly reduced the chances for “Stagnant Air” weather during the Summer.
  • The coldest and warmest weathers will now inflict some effect even on hearthlings that are sheltered. As an example, when the temperature outside is “Freezing” it will now be “Cold” inside. Another good reason to use the newly-added Fireplaces!
  • Relevant weather descriptions were changed to include information about the change above.
  • Tweaked several UIs across the game (like re-embarkation, sending on missions…) to better handle long names by not displaying their titles.
  • When choosing a number of animals to try to maintain on pastures, it will now consider the total number of animals when deciding on slaughtering some instead of only considering the adults.
  • The recipe for the “Food Donation Box” has been changed to require less total items and, most importantly, easier items (like cooking ingredients) that have less chances of being immediately consumed like the good food it required before. Because of that, however, the Fountain of Plenty recipe will now ask for 3 of them instead of only 2.
  • Additionally, its recipe is now called “Food Donation Box”, like the recipe of the Fountain of Plenty shows.
  • Finally, Food Donation boxes are now a quest item and you can no longer sell them. It’s called a “Donation” after all, and we don’t want people to call you a scammer!
  • The Compassion attribute will now increase the amount healed by healing skills by 5% more than before.
  • The Courage bonuses gained by the recently added “Training” buffs for combat jobs have been increased for the Footman and the Knight.
  • The Archer “Training” buffs will now provide some Courage as well.
  • “Tree-planting Pots” are now 2x2, fitting nicely with other planters.
  • The Weaver now has separate crafting categories for the different “fancy” sets.
  • Sapling prices have been rebalanced, severely crippling the predatory forestry industry as an attempt to move towards greener, self-sustainable solutions. (Or perhaps to just prevent players from piling up coins by selling tree saplings!)
  • Ended the wall planter inconsistencies by turning the potted_cactus and window_box_frostsnap into a porcelain window planter and an ornate wooden window planter, respectively.
  • Updated basic templates to not use these modified planters.
  • Updated the Ascendancy Herbalist house to not require throw rugs anymore, making it much easier to complete.
  • Seasonal variants have been added to the rare “Shrine of Lila Babis”
  • Tweaked weather (Foggy) undead loot so they have more options other than Thread.
  • Tweaked all existing piles to use the fiddle animation, worker icons and ACE’s pile_component, which keeps track of the materials used to make a pile.
  • Some tabs have been renamed to be more intuitive. For example, when clicking a workbench that utilizes fuel, it will now say “Fuel Filter” and “Fuel” instead of “Filter” and “Storage” like it would for a normal container.
  • The efficiency of Brown Coal and Peat as fuels has been slightly increased.
  • The efficiency of all Boughs as fuel has been slightly decreased.
  • Moo-Moos and Wild Moo-Moos will provide more Steak when butchered.
  • Oinkers will provide a little less Pork when butchered.
  • Slightly tweaked the colors of mountains in the Desert biome and of the water in the Desert and Arctic biomes.
  • Removed Geomancer legendary recipes; Woodland Silk is now made by the Weaver and the legendary Tome by the Herbalist. It felt unfair to lock one of the Town Upgrade rewards behind a job that isn’t even related to the town progression. Unfortunately this change means that you’ll lose access to these recipes and will require to unlock the Ascendancy Valor monument again!
  • Changed one of the ingredients for the legendary silk recipe to be Enchanted Dust instead of Hearth Essence.
  • Changed the Candledark Stake Fence recipes to be more material-efficient.
  • Renamed the Candledark “Cobblestone & Grate” fence to “Graveyard” fence.
  • The “Dynasty Quiver” ability, Broad Arrows, now has its own debuff instead of re-using the debuff usually applied by Tier 3 Footman two-handed weapons, Major Open Wounds.
  • “Rough Wooden Buckler” is now a light shield instead of a medium one. This only changes their buff but not their role, they’re still used by Footmen.
  • Some of the “Iron” building parts (Hatch, Barn Door, etc.) have been renamed “Ironclad” to be consistent with the Ironclad door.
  • The “Full Platemail” and “Plate Helmet” have been renamed “Steel Platemail” and “Steel Helmet” to be slightly more standard with other items.
  • The “Two Handed Sword” has been renamed “Two-Handed Steel Sword”, alongside the “Two Handed Talwar” and “Two Handed Claymore” which have been renamed “Two-Handed Steel Talwar” and “Two-Handed Steel Claymore” respectively.
  • The “Lantern Mace” has been renamed “Hestian Lantern Maul”.
  • Changed “Refined Stuff” to “Refined Goods” in the stockpile filters UI.
  • The cost and appeal of some of the unlocked “Craftsman’s Statue” fountains have been tweaked. No more selling 3 Hunks of Stone for 50 coins!
  • Hearthlings have received some additional lectures on public health and will no longer drink water from decorative fountains.
  • Dead pets will no longer drop loot. No more eating Timmy the Squirrel’s jerky!
  • Added extra gameplay settings for keeping 2, 3 and 4 auto-saves.
  • The default setting for how many auto-saves to keep is 3 instead of “No limit”. Your hard drive will thank us in the future.
  • We’ve removed the “Stores up to _ items…” description from all the storage entities in ACE and the base-game since we now dynamically display the capacity of containers in their tooltips.
  • (For Modders!) The ACE Farming constants have been separated into their own data file. Any mods that previously mixed into the constants file with their own farming constants will not break, but it would be good practice to instead mix into the new farming constants file.
  • (For Modders!) Transform commands are now grouped in sub-folders, keeping things tidy.

(Fixes on the next post!)



  • Fixed a bunch of serious issues that were affecting the entire quality dynamics of ACE:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented kingdoms other than the Ascendancy of correctly unlocking the ability of obtaining Masterwork quality farmer crops and pasture animals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Herbalist Planter UI would incorrectly not display the Masterwork quality status in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where pasture animals could only get certain quality improvements when eating from the ground (but not from mangers).
  • Fixed a base game issue that made it so buildings would trigger the completion party (and be completed) even if not all of their fixtures (windows, doors, furniture, etc.) were not placed if the building was Paused at the time of loading the game.
  • Fixed the seasonal clock at the end of the season showing “0 days left”, it now says “Ends today”.
  • Improved how the game handles objects being destroyed in the water by letting it “magically” replenish the water level.
  • Moonbells will now glow on farming fields.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue that caused the world’s lighting to glitch out every time a Carpenter went to split blocks on the “Splitting Block”. This was achieved by changing the method used to “hide” the axe during the work effect. (The previous method of instantaneously displacing the Axe tens of thousands of meters down into the ground was probably responsible for the weird lighting changes, I suspect it was Cherenkov radiation as the axe probably surpassed the speed of light in the voxel-space medium :jubilant: )
  • Fixed an issue where the multi-move or undeploy tools would get stuck if the selected area contained no objects.
  • Fixed a small issue with the lamp component for when there was no component data present.
  • Fixed an issue with items with no value - usually from outdated mods - being seeded into merchants’ inventories, causing errors. Also fixed an issue where items that have a value but that value is 0 would also be seeded to merchants.
  • Fixed an annoying issue that caused the “Search Bar” of the fixture placement UI in building mode to not “stick” when changing categories.
  • Fixed a bug that could be caused when citizens were dispatched on quests while sleeping.
  • Fixed a weird (because it shouldn’t happen… But apparently it did?) issue where hearthlings would try to mine a block on the same spot that they are. Not below - the same. Turns out two bodies can occupy the same space after all!
  • Fixed some small issues with the position and models for some Dynasty items.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches with the Orc Thief outfit.
  • Fixed some issues with filtering certain refined items and tonics.
  • Fixed an issue where some effects were incorrectly added to people that are “Away from town”, like tonics.
  • Fixed some issues with filter presets that were unavailable due to previous filter changes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Rabbit Hair Shield” to be seen as both light and heavy.
  • Fixed weird wording on the description of the silk filament item.
  • Fixed tiny graphical glitch with search options bar in crafting window.
  • Fixed an issue that could be triggered when placing ingredients/objects on an entity that uses the stonehearth:table data.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with the renewable_resource_component that was related to the eating animation for boars. I know, right? The error was harmless but boaring.
  • Fixed an issue with metal ingot piles not correctly logging their contents.
  • Fixed an issue with piles being harvested.
  • Fixed an issue with Juniper tree placement.
  • Fixed an issue with the script that makes it so hearthlings will not avoid bee skeps when the bees are not active, like the Winter.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the bone filters that caused some bones to never be restocked.
  • Fixed an issue where clay market shelves were incorrectly tagged as wood.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could be triggered if a game was reloaded after a mod update (or ACE) removed encounters from an already initialized campaign.


  • While ACE did have a registered license (MIT license), the file itself was missing from the package. Oopsie! It has now been added.
  • Please remember that while ACE operates under the MIT license, we kindly ask (although you technically can) that you do not utilize content from the unstable/unreleased version until we release it first!
  • You can read more about the MIT License here: https://opensource.org/license/mit/
  • A permanent link to our Discord server has been added to the “Readme” file.

Thank you for reading! As always, we really hope you’ll enjoy this update! :merry: :heart: And remember to report any issues and suggestions you encounter!

Sneaky Update

  • Fixed an issue that was caused by starting the game without the Debug Tools mod activated, which resulted in an ACE client patch to fail.

Sneaky Update

  • Fixed the errors being triggered by water wells on loading games from the previous version.
  • Band-aid fixed crafting on loading games from the previous version; A proper (better) fix might happen later.


  • Small fix to support older standards of recipe unlocking through campaign nodes (Using a string instead of a table)
  • Proper fix to the band-aid fix from (Crafting being broken for older saves)
  • Fixed entities that had their RRN (Renewable Resource Node) removed bugging out when loading the game (i.e.: Water Wells)
  • Fixed Shepherds not placing their feeding mangers or pasture beds.
  • Fixed special tagged items not being placed on building plans (like Shepherds or Engineers placing their items)
  • Reduced the Shepherd pasture pathfinder modifier, hearthlings are more likely to consider crossing over pastures now.
  • Fixed Restocking Golems and the Candledark Broom triggering issues when trying to pick up water from water wells.
  • Fixed a base-game text inconsistency on the Bug Meat Stew recipe.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Ox Golems (Harvesting Golem) from harvesting tree stumps.
  • Added a no_restock tag to objects in ACE that are not meant to be restocked (like water buckets)

It’s great to see the ACE update today! It’s very sad to hear about Thorin’s passing :glum:. I hope to find a monument for him when I start a new game next time.


Hi dani,thanks for the update,and we are sorry to hear of your dog’s passing.

There’s problem about “pasture bedding” and “Manger”,I cannot place it,not even building templates cannot too,is that a bug?This is a new game creat on,and just enable“[ACE Mod] Candledark& Frostfeast” and two Translation mod.

and I’m getting two errors

release-949 (x64)[M]
…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:394: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘renewal_time’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:394: in function ‘_update_renew_timer’
…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:110: in function ‘_initialize_renewal’
…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:90: in function ‘_create_listeners’
…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:58: in function <…ey_patches/ace_renewable_resource_node_component.lua:37>

release-949 (x64)[M]
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

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Hey there!
I’ll take a look at the pasture stuff :merry:

The error is harmless, it’s because we had to add the RRN component to water wells to make them not break on older saves, but it causes this error on new saves, but they shouldn’t affect you :jubilant:

Thank you for the reports!


Hi,Dani.I am very excited to know that ACE has been updated and I have been playing all day.It is so sad to hear about Thorin’s passing. I am also a dog owner, and a loyal companion is truly precious. Throin and Thoto are very cute,we will always remember them.:forlorn:

Well,here are some feedback from my friends and I after playing.The first is about 2 bugs,my friend Yuki has told you,mangers,small pasture beddings and pasture beddings are not been placed.

And sometimes the model of the armor and weapon rack may be misaligned.

Other feedback about dynasty items,All of Chinese players are very grateful for being able to see our own culture in the game,especially those decorations, they are very exquisite and we all like them. Thanks all members of ACE team.But one thing surprised us is about Monk!The mechanism and clothing are both very good,but his appearance looks like a monk, while the skill icon is a Tai Chi.The characters in the game are more like Chinese Buddhists,who from Shaolin Temple. Have you ever heard of them?But Tai Chi originated from Chinese Taoism, which is a local religion in China and is completely different from Buddhism.Although it doesn’t affect the gaming experience, I just want to chat with you and have no other meaning.The Monk in game I am really like him,it is so cool.:merry:
The last point is some suggestions,we have noticed the classification in the armor and weapon racks, as well as the gear score in the equipment information. A long time ago, we had an idea that players could independently decide what equipment to put on their hearthlings, just like choosing what to put on their armor and weapon racks. I don’t know if it’s technically feasible, but after our discussion, the vast majority of players hope to have this feature. :jubilant:

If there are any issues, I will give you feedback in a timely manner. Thank you, Dani.

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Hey there! Thanks for the feedback :jubilant:
And for the kind words about Thorin :heart:

As for this error:

We had it reported in our Discord Server as well and it’s apparently caused by using Ethereal Storage AND Better Storage together. I tried reproducing it here and the racks work just fine, but all the people that encountered the issue are using Better Storage and Ethereal Storage. I recommend not using Better Storage anymore, the mod is very outdated/old and its filters don’t include a lot of resources/things made by ACE

Yes, I wanted to include a lot of different aspects of the chinese culture (which we’re calling Dynasty or the “eastern kingdoms” in the ACE/Stonehearth lore) and of course I’ve had to do a lot of research, but I wasn’t so sure about which things to include or not (and we can’t have everything or the mod would have 300 GB :jubilant: ) so I focused on recognizable things (as in, things that lots of people would recognize) and also asked a chinese friend who is a great admirer of wushu from another game I used to play (Haven & Hearth) which direction should I go. He suggested both of them, shaolin monks and taoist monks, but I said we can’t have both (for now :stuck_out_tongue: at least ) and then he asked if the religions are in the game or if the game is fantasy/fiction, I said that it’s fantasy (this is not real China, it’s our version of it) and he said that it would be ok to mix things, so I could include a bit of everything (taoism and buddhism, for example)
And the same was done to the armors and such, I’ve searched several periods to try to get the coolest armor for each period (it was very hard finding chinese shields for the knight, but I found the “Shuang Hu Dun” and thought it had a very nice shape for a Knight shield in the game, even though its period is different from the period of the Dragon Armor (which is inspired by late Tang dynasty armor) and so on. So it is sort of a mixed-bag but I’ve tried to do it in a most respectful manner.
However I am not chinese myself, as you know, so I’m not the right person in the proper place to determine if these choices were good or bad. So I ask of you (and your friends): Should I change the warrior monk ability icon? I’d have no problem changing it to something different or more fitting for a shaolin monk. So if you think it should be changed, please let me know - I just wanted to explain the thought process that was behind these choices!

Yes, this is a very requested feature in our Discord as well. It’s possible, and we kind of want to do it - but it’s not so easy and that’s why we haven’t done it yet. I can’t promise it for this update because we want to “wrap it” so we can dedicate ourselves fully to 1.0, but it’s definitely something we want to do! :merry:

Thank you for the feedback as always, and I hope you’re having fun!


@STONEHEARTHplayer Some of your issues (and some others) are now fixed :merry:


  • Small fix to support older standards of recipe unlocking through campaign nodes (Using a string instead of a table)
  • Proper fix to the band-aid fix from (Crafting being broken for older saves)
  • Fixed entities that had their RRN (Renewable Resource Node) removed bugging out when loading the game (i.e.: Water Wells)
  • Fixed Shepherds not placing their feeding mangers or pasture beds.
  • Fixed special tagged items not being placed on building plans (like Shepherds or Engineers placing their items)
  • Reduced the Shepherd pasture pathfinder modifier, hearthlings are more likely to consider crossing over pastures now.
  • Fixed Restocking Golems and the Candledark Broom triggering issues when trying to pick up water from water wells.
  • Fixed a base-game text inconsistency on the Bug Meat Stew recipe.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Ox Golems (Harvesting Golem) from harvesting tree stumps.
  • Added a no_restock tag to objects in ACE that are not meant to be restocked (like water buckets)

Hi,Dani,I am here again!I’m sorry for not replying to you in a timely manner. I have seen your reply, but I have been completing my studies all day today. I have used the remaining time to do some tests, although it may not be complete, but I would like to tell you the problem I encountered first. :glum:

The first question is still about the mangers and pasture beds,now I can successfully place them,but I found only shepherd can place them and no one else can do it.I think this is not very reasonable, my shepherd is almost too busy!

Another issue I speculate about is that due to the absence of a manger yesterday and the shepherd not placing feed on the ground, my pigs and cows have not eaten, but they are not hungry either. They can even produce milk and dig truffles! I asked my other friends, and they also told me that their cows did not eat or feel hungry, but another friend’s chicken did eat. I suspect that there may be a problem with the feeding of partiall large animals. I am currently testing and will inform you as soon as there are results. :jubilant:

The second one is about the issue of armor and weapon racks mentioned yesterday.I am a loyal fan of ACE and the mods currently used are ACE and Chinese translation I made, and I think ACE’s classification system is perfect. I also enjoy the process of loading boxes with hearthlings, so I never use the two mods you mentioned. I don’t know how that situation happened. It suddenly happened while I was loading game. Today, when I played again, it returned to normal and I haven’t encountered that situation again. I think there should be no problem.:merry:

The third point is about the skill icons of Monk,I think it’s harmless and doesn’t require any changes to increase your workload. We were just a bit surprised when we first saw it and wanted to ask if you know these two things belong to two different religions. I’m worried that you may not be able to distinguish between Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, just like I cannot distinguish between Catholicism and Christianity.The monk is very cool, we all love it. We love everything from the Eastern Dynasty, and you make it fantastic! :merry: :heart:

Good luck, my friend! Thank you for your efforts!

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I’m glad to see things are working! :merry:

Yes, we did change it so only the Shepherd can place these… But I agree it might be a problem because they’re already very busy. We were following the suggestion of another user that wished the Shepherd would “set up” the beds for the animals, as if they were carefully placing their beds. But in a gameplay sense I can see the problem. I’m not sure what to do about it, so we’ll think about it!
I might revert it for mangers, at least!

As for the weapon racks, turns out we continued investigating it last night and it was my own fault :jubilant: We already fixed them so it should be fine!

I’ll test out the shepherd eating/feeding mechanics and see if there’s anything wrong. Thank you very much for the feedback and continued support!


Sorry, Danny, I’m bothering you again. I’m such a annoying person. :glum:

Today, I spent a few hours testing and found that all species of animals have indeed not eaten the food in the manger and are not hungry.

This reminded me of my discussion with you three months ago about the quality of animals and plants, so I conducted the test. Then I discovered another problem. Plants of Rayya’s Children still cannot achieve the master quality, and I haven’t tested the ones from Northern Alliance yet. I’ll give them a try tomorrow.


Another issue is that hearthbud can be used as a seasoning in the introduction, but in reality, it is not. This is a long-standing issue.

Today I tried out the equipment of the dynasty all over, and I think it’s time for you to come up with a high-end crossbow. Now there’s only the chu-ko-nu, and I should be able to give you some advice. There is a crossbow machine from the Western Han Dynasty at the Nanjing Museum in China. You should know that China’s Silk Road originated from the Western Han Dynasty (more than two thousand years ago), which was a great dynasty. The theme ethnic group in China is now called the Han, and the crossbow machine of this crossbow is called bronze crossbow inlaid with gold and silver. In China,bronze crossbow inlaid with gold and silver is also known as the world’s first crossbow. Perhaps you can refer to it in the future. Here are some museum crossbow machines that I can find. The photo and a restoration of the entire crossbow, as the entire crossbow is no longer present, now only one crossbow machine is left. As for the intricate patterns, please ignore them, as the exhibited crossbow was a collectible of the nobility at that time, and there were definitely not as many patterns used on the battlefield.


There is also about the most advanced bow of the dynasty - the Manchu bow. This bow was indeed quite advanced at the time, but in the game it looked like a wooden stick, not even as advanced as another dynasty bow. Perhaps you can take a look again when you have time in the future.

Or perhaps I have a better proposal. Perhaps you could make a she diao bow(It means a bow that can shoot down eagles), which was the weapon of the legendary figure Genghis Khan, who conquered most of the Eurasian continent, and is also one of the top ten bows in China. Due to the disappearance of the bow, the following two images are two reference images on the network.

If you want to get closer to the Silk Road, you can also make a Lingbao bow. It is a bow used by the famous general Li Guang of the Western Han Dynasty and also one of the top ten famous bows in China. Li Guang is also known as the Flying General by later generations!

Nowadays, the cleric who perefer septer and shield of the dynasty also have the skills and attire of martial monks. What about the the cleric who perefer healing tome? My idea is that since the cleric who perefer septer look more like Shaolin monks, why can’t healing priests be made into the image of Chinese Taoists? They can use various spells to attack enemies and control the zombies to attack, just like the Dragon cult carrying the undead, which is also cool.

Forgive my recklessness, I just want ACE to get better and better. :merry: :heart:

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Hey there! You’re not annoying, don’t think that! Your feedback is very valuable!

This is such a weird issue, I was trying it out but couldn’t notice any issues, but maybe there’s something else to it… I’ll investigate further!

Same for this, I was sure we fixed that and I even tested it, but something weird might’ve happened during the merging of the unstable_work and the stable_updates branches where we release the updates… I’ll take a look into that!

This one is not an issue, actually. Zesty and Seasoning are two different properties, while Zesty herbs are used in cooking not all zesty herbs are seasonings. Some recipes will ask for Zesty herbs while others will ask for seasonings, and sometimes they’re both - but they’re different things. Think of it as edible herbs X salt, for example. Salt is a seasoning, and a purple wax plant is an edible, tasty herb. Some recipes might require a zesty herb, but some recipes might require an actual seasoning. For example, you can’t salt a meat with flowers :jubilant:
So in summary: Not all Zesty herbs are seasonings, although the most common ones are both, like sage or parsley. Hearth flowers are more like edible petals, goes well with some dishes but not all!

No need to ask forgiveness :jubilant:
I’ll take notes and write down about these Dynasty stuff suggestions for the future. It would indeed be nice to have a stronger crossbow for them! Unfortunately the space we have for models in voxel modelling is very limited, so it’s hard to make bows not look like sticks, but I’ll see if I can improve that in the future :merry:


Okay, I’m doing some more testing and my animals are definitely getting hungry (I’m intentionally not giving them food yet… I know, I’m horrible :jubilant: )

For now they’re being able to survive with the grass that spawns on the pastures, but they’re definitely getting hungry. Next I’ll see if they go eat on the troughs if I start giving them food…

I’ll keep updating this post to not spam :merry:

Update 1
First without a manger, the shepherd put some food down and some animals started to come and eat

As for famers… Indeed they can’t get a masterwork crop even with Hearth fertilizer. I had it fixed but I guess an improvement of the fix that we did later on has broken it again :jubilant: We’ll fix!

Update 2
Animals are still eating from this first fodder…
I looked into the entity and looked for the stacks component to see if it went down. It is going down, which means they are eating…


But I think I know what is the problem. At the end of last year we wanted to make animal food more efficient so Shepherds have more time to do things. We increased both the calorie gain and the amount of stacks of each food, and we increased them a lot. This is the regular fodder, for example:

And this is the Hearth Fodder:

I suspect what may be happening is that perhaps we buffed it too much, and now instead of being better, it feels like food never ends :jubilant:, and is not being eaten

So I think that perhaps we should go back a bit. Not to the original values, but perhaps to something in the middle? :merry:


Oh chimmeys! Thanks ACE Team and contributors, for the entire update!