[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

This problem also happen for Blacksmith use money to make gold ingots
and 2 tips can’t fix it…

It still happens after reload?
Could you provide that save game, please? It might help us understand the issue

Great work overall. Loving the improvements, fixes, & balancing. There are 3 things I would like to suggest, though. Couldn’t find them suggested elsewhere but I only searched for a few minutes.

1- Modifying the re-embarkment to allow you to take 5 citizens instead of merely 3. Given the hassle of re-rolling the initial citizens, the potential horrible stats new citizens can have (as low as 1/1/1?!), & the complete lack of any method of improving their stats during the game, taking our initial 5 citizens with us during re-embarking seems like the least we could get.

2- Improve the replanting feature by allowing trees to be replanted with the farm-grown saplings. You must presently fell the trees, then set the stumps to be harvested & replanted which attempts to replant them with seeds of that tree type. Unfortunately, I only get approximately 20% as many seeds as the trees I harvest, so I never have enough seeds to auto-replant trees, while I can easily grow many more farm-grown saplings than I need. At least, I never found any method to auto-plant the saplings. An alternative could be increasing the drop-rate of seeds, but that would probably remove any reason for the ability to farm-grow saplings, though would almost certainly be much easier to implement.

3- Including/implementing some method of improving citizen stats. I’m not thinking anything game-breaking like being able to hit 100/100/100 or anything, simply tired of getting citizens with 1/1/3 or 3/1/2 or otherwise horrible stats with no method of improving them. I don’t expect it to be easy & quick to improve their stats, I would prefer it to be either slow or difficult, but it would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for all your work. :slight_smile:

There are some mods on the Steam Workshop that do some of the things you are asking for.
Beam mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1617895793 lets you alter starting stats and traits in the Roster screen.
Re-embark+ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854137818 lets you take 5 Hearthlings and 15 items.
Vitamin Potion https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1465561648 lets you increase stats from 1 to 3 for Mind Body and Spirit through making some potions with a Herbalist
Self Improvement 6 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1479503316 lets you raise stats, again Mind, Body, and Spirit from 3 to 6 by crafting training equipment.

While I wasn’t aware of Re-embark+, last I checked, the other 3 were either very buggy, not being updated any longer, or quirky & not great to begin with.

You can enable the Auto-Harvest Tree Stumps gameplay setting to skip stumps completely when you’re doing Gather & Replant. The replanting saplings functionality actually already exists in ACE, to a certain extent: when the replant request is made, it checks if there is a sapling_alias specified for that tree and if any are available in your inventory before defaulting to the seed_alias (this can only be done immediately when requesting the replant instead of always allowing whichever becomes available first to be used without making more significant changes to the “ghost” system, which actually might be much closer to possible with things we’ve changed and added since then). I just checked, and it looks like the sapling_alias was never added to all the tree jsons, but I’m sure it will be added in soon.

here you are

And I also record movie can be confirm

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Thank you!
I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

@DragonOmnus Heya, thank you for the feedback and ideas :merry:

For now, you can probably survive (:jubilant:) with the awesome tips provided by Finder and Paul, however…
You’ll be happy to know that some of these are sort of planned already - and some are possibilities although I won’t say much or promise anything because things can change!

Paul and I discussed some future ideas for reembarking and such not long ago. It’s all future plans so I won’t go into detail, but we do have interest in making it more flexible in certain ways like: allowing greater customization of the leaving party; allow multiple parties from a single town and also some interesting ways to deal with citizens you might not want to keep - like sending them away on special assignments (like to work on the capital or something like that) for small rewards. It’s sort of “selling them”, in a way, but without the weird implications of actually selling someone :stuck_out_tongue:

Sapling farming is going away completely in the next version of ACE (probably) as a new type of farm field is already being implemented - actual orchards and tree farms :jubilant:
You can even “play around” with them using our UNSTABLE test version, but they’re still very early - the mechanics are there but the crops and such are not setup yet.
But yes, you’ll have an excellent and reliable way of farming wood or tree products soon, no worries :merry:

This is something that we’ve discussed before while discussing the possibility of having the Daily Update point out the stats of the person before you accept. We’ve collectively agreed that this goes a little against the “light heartedness” of Stonehearth and the idea of creating a community together with your little people as it “contributes” to a min-maxer logic, sort of. Not saying this is wrong - of course it is not - one of the cool things about sandbox games is that players can play the way they want. But we felt it would go a little against SH community-building nature if you started being able to literally reject people because they are “weak”, or “dumb”, etc… In the end the truth is that the stats help but they’re not everything (i.e: I had a Body 1 Knight once and was able to finish the game just fine).
That’s why we are rather thinking of ways that you can “manage” your population better (as mentioned in point #1) for those that really wish to min-max their hearthlings, by allowing you to send lings away and such in a good and friendly way - rather than allowing players to reject people.
As for training their stats, the same logic applies - but it’s not completely out of the table though. We once discussed a teaching/professor system a while ago that could be a nice way to let lings “develop” stats, but it’s all in very uncharted/not priority territory

I hope you’re all having a nice December <3


Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the player pay for the chance to get a better hearthling? Or is the assignment temporary and they still count as part of your town?

Maybe combine the assignment with the stat increase. Send them off to school, a temple or some military thing (depending on the stat you want to increase). You pay for their time there, they still count as one of your citizens so you don’t get a replacement, but you eventually get a slightly better hearthling. And you can’t improve them endlessly. Maybe max 2 point per stat or that you can’t raise a stat higher than to 3 or 4 in this way.

Not sure if that feels better but maybe that’s just me. It depends on how you reject them I guess.
I think I wrote this before somewhere. If the player get letters with applications, then it’s much more ok to reject them than if you reject them when they show up on your doorstep.
Another possibility with application letters is that you can get more than one and choose the one you want. One of the differences between them could be the time it takes them to get to you. Should you choose the basic worker that can be here tomorrow or the level 3 crafter who lives in the capital and need a week or two to travel.


I really like this one. It fits the theme, adds goals for the player, can be balanced, and should be super easy to implement too.


Yep, me too! We did think of things like that (done through the game master as some sort of “guilds campaign”), so it’s not far off :slight_smile:

As for the “hearthling selling” idea…

Not necessarily - I mean, there are already… not fun ways to “dispose” of “undesired” hearthlings. They’re not very nice :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, sending them away temporarily to increase a stat would definitely have a cost, but “getting rid” of them for good should not have a cost because this would only disencourage it since, well, killing them is still free :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea was more like an actual gameplay mechanic rather than just “getting rid of a citizen”. Now, these are all just examples we’ve talked about and not really planned yet, but something like this: it could be a “great project from the capital”, for example, that is looking for workers and then you would get a “reward” for giving away your folks and the reward could be proportional to their stats, so it would “work” for letting go of undesired lings (and you’d get a small reward) but could also be interesting to be able to “sell” specialized lings or lings with good stats for greater rewards. Your contributions (and how fast it is built thanks to your contributions) would result in one final boom/reward upon the great project’s completion - could be just a material reward or something similar to town bonuses, like a “parallel” town bonus that you can unlock on the long run, giving players an interesting reason to play the same town for longer or develop multiple specialized professionals. This type of mechanic can be expanded or developed into all other sorts of systems, like sending your lings away as “merchants” of your own, similar to how you receive merchants (and these merchants could even be saved on an external file, appearing as merchants to other towns, for example); or maybe adventurers in search of rare rewards; diplomats to other realms for trading bonuses or unique merchants, etc…
Anyway, you can come up with a huge array of things that would basically allow you to better manage your population, it would give a certain worth to all lings regardless of stats, it creates new long term goals and possibilities to encourage longer playthroughs and replayability and it also immerses players a bit more in the game world, making it feel larger with “more things” outside the boundaries of your town, etc.

Anyway, this is just a very broad thinking of all the possibilities of such idea. But the summary is: yes, this is something that we think could add a lot to the base game experience and would definitely be interested in touching :slight_smile:


hey I know its late but I still can’t craft or buy presents in stonehearth even if I create a new party. the crafters will grab the money required but will just drop it on the floor and not craft the present.

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I think they not have time to fix it…

dani is on holliday atm, i havent heared of crafter just dropping the money. possibly a mod conflict?

maybe ill check

no not a mod conflict unfortunately

Stonehearth ACE Released!

Hello and happy new year, everyone :jubilant:

This is just a small hotfix to disable the seasonal content (Booooo! :forlorn:) but don’t worry! Everything you got will remain, you’ll only not be able to craft presents anymore! :merry:

If you still want to play with ACE’s Frostfeast stuff, you can always use Debug Tools :wink:

Additionally, there are also some minor tweaks and fixes, as usual.

Here are the notes!



  • A couple of model variants have been added to certain crops to give them a bit of a nicer look. Nothing much, just rotated models. This applies to Heirbloom, Wheat, Corn, Silkweed and Golden Gourds.
  • The “Harvest and Replant” order will now use saplings for trees if they are available.
  • The “Source of Warmth” buff has been given to all three Rayya’s Children Tier 3 shrines and the Northern Alliance’s Fire Font - basically all the Tier 3 monuments that have some sort of fire or heat source.


  • Frostfeast Presents, Decorated Frostfeast Tree and Holiday Caps can no longer be crafted.
  • “Fermentation Vats” are now one voxel shorter and can be interacted with from higher - which means you can now build walkways/catwalks above them and have your brewers toss the wort from there! :merry:
  • The Medium Armor buff now has a slightly slower penalty to speed than the Heavy Armor one. They were the same since the last tweak, but it felt a bit awkward.
  • The invasion and ambient threat spawning has been tweaked again, we reduced it too much and with a bit of luck players were getting long times without invasions. They are now slightly more common.
  • “Cougar Pelt” has been renamed “Big Cat Pelt” to be standard with “Big Cat Jerky”
  • The “Cooking Oil” recipe is now faster to craft.
  • The “Raw Rice” recipe is now faster to craft.
  • Paddy fields will now tolerate a quite higher volume of water. The only reason they do have an upper limit is to prevent literal (deep) underwater farms, so we’ll just raise it if needed to prevent that normally placed farms (shallow) are not damaged by rains and such.
  • Trappers will now get a bit more experience from successful traps.
  • “Autonomous Cricket Golems” have been made more expensive. It can be rarely bought from Tier 3 Quarry traders.
  • Most of the bone furniture and crafts have had their prices tweaked to better reflect its material cost. Some of them were very expensive compared to the cheap materials while others were made more expensive.
  • The Northern Alliance “Hearth of the Makers” has had its description slightly reduced in size so it properly fits the unit frame.
  • The “Siv’s Work Shelves” container has had its model replaced for a slightly reduced version to prevent clipping on the sides and back. The God of Symmetry is secretly pleased.
  • The footman icon is now replaced through an icon change in the job description rather than a hard override. This change won’t be noticeable for players but will help with modding compatibility.
  • The descriptions of many rice-related items and recipes have been updated to better explain the multiple uses of this crop. (more on that below)
  • Slightly tweaked the odds of certain merchants to be picked when a random trader shows up.
  • Bale of Wheat can no longer be used as thatching. Wheat crops will, however, often drop thatch when harvested. This change was done to fix an issue. (more on that at the bottom of the fixed issues)


  • Fixed a typo within the Thorulf & Rattley campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Deer Pelt” item didn’t have the correct icon when playing on the Desert, Highlands or the Arctic.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Boiled Rice” foodstuff to be impossible to be consumed.
  • Fixed an issue with “Raw Rice” that prevented it from being used as a “Raw Vegetable”, which is intended. Rice is meant to be a versatile/flexible crop that can be turned into both a flour or a vegetable. This should now work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the Quarry shops, they were throwing errors whenever they arrived because one of the items they sold had the wrong URI. This is now corrected.
  • A lot of useless and old food trough assets have been removed since they are not being used anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all the Tier 2 upgraded hearths from actually providing warmth. They were meant to but this was not working, apparently. They should now work fine, but only newly upgraded hearths will work (those created before this update shall remain cold)
  • The Ascendancy “Herbalist House” template is now not unlocked by default and will correctly require a Herbalist before it appears.
  • Fixed an issue with the iconic version of Highland Pine Trees that caused the game to crash whenever one was created.
  • Fixed an issue with the transform_lib that was causing transformed entities with storage to reset their filters.
  • Fixed an issue that made it so harvesting wheat had really poor yields (basically one bale per harvest). This issue was caused by the fact that wheat had really high stacks due to being able to be used as a construction material, and is now fixed.

That’s all for now!
Thank you all for your reports and support and have a nice weekend! :merry: :sparkles:


Someone can tell me how to produce my own honey? I have Empty Bee Skep, Captive Bees, Herbalist lvl 6, but my skeps still are empty. I’m playing Northern Alliance.

How busy is your herbalist
Have you tried interacting with the placed empty beeskep

he has nothing to do right now. I tried cancel order and turn on and nothing. Maybe wrong place or i miss something?