[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

Oh man, that makes so much more sense - thank you for the guidance on tuns. I wondered why I was noticing some fluids being stacked “on top” of them instead of “inside.” I’ve tried to avoid having barrels for each drink, because I feel like if you produce at least a bit of all of them it would take a lot of space, but I suppose that lends some credence to building two breweries.

On the note of the smaller supply casks, I have four of them set on a small bar counter, but they never get filled - the casks themselves can be picked up by the Hearthlings, but for some reason they never stock them. I haven’t watched yet to see if they’ll be filled when all other restocking tasks have been completed, so I don’t know the cause - I had this problem on the aforementioned last save, and what finally fixed it was undeploying and moving around the bars and the casks. In the end, it was all exactly the way I had it before, but maybe moved over one space.

I sort of figured that it was just late-game performance for the restocking issues, but it seemed to be a little inefficient even at the beginning of the game. It’s not terribly game-breaking, but if I want everything to end up put away, it takes about a day or two in-game for them to finally be finished.

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I second this: “sacks for storing grain” .

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I’m in the middle of a Northern Alliance gameplay - started from scratch, no reembarkation. So far I feel the improvements done up to now are very, very good ones. I feel the game is stabler now, i got perhaps one or two erros (black messages), as opposed to previous gameplays.

  • I liked NA animal shelters (building templates) ! And overall i liked the other NA building templates - some are very similar to one another on the outside, but i guess it`s ok.

  • One small issue: i`m getting animal loot on the roof. Yes, on the roof. Not a big problem though, i built alternating custom blocks + a ladder so that hearthlings could reach stuff.

  • Yeah, the few last updates added quite a bit of new stuff; thanks guys, thanks so much, some of these additions were great ones.

  • One small issue: when i tried to use a second military party (green banner), hearthlings started to move forward and backward while ignoring enemies.

  • The game could use a bit more of information on different types of storage and fish traps.

  • I feel the usage of pelts from NA recipes is currently a bit too high, at least until you have wool available which takes quite a bit of time.

  • As NA, as a faction that is meant for exploration of it`s enviroment, i feel there is a need for a way to hasten activities to far away places. If i try to kill a group of enemies in a far away place, two things happen: first, the military group takes a while to arrive there (and return) and sometimes they arrive at diffrent moments, second the dropped loot takes a while to be gathered - and if it is late game, there is a chance your hearthling might be intercepted by an enemy. This problem increased because hearthlings now drink and pass out, thus they have to return home more often. Perhaps we could add a kind of vehicle produced by the engineer, a minecart with rails, horses for hearthlings; or even a wagon so that they can sleep in, have food/water on the wagon and even store loot on it (by a designated hearthling). This last idea could give an easier time building at far away places. Imagine wagons from farwest cartoons (those with cover on it).

As you progress in the game, I find that food, both uncooked and prepared, starts to really stockpile and you never decrease the amount that you have. What I’ve taken to doing is turning all of my fields to fallow and eliminating trapper fields and stopping my shepherds from autoharvesting extra animals. It’s add to the challenge and clears out a tonne of items from your inventory, and most importantly, frees up hearthlings to do other tasks. This would be nice to have built in…

Yeah sorry folks I was just throwing ideas out there.

I know it may not look as polished, but would it be possible to use particle effects to mask their form and represent some of the actions? When a critter starts to dig/mine they get a dust cloud around them with an occasional pebble rolling out, a lighter cloud with wood chips and/or leaves for chopping trees, or for fishing maybe a pool of bubbles with a shadow circling under the water? Not sure if that would make things easier or more complicated.

Yeah, there are solutions :slight_smile: We can use existing rigs/animations, or make effects, etc… It’s not about not knowing what to do, more about just having a lot to do for it to be good (and hence it goes down on current priorities) :merry:

Never say sorry for throwing ideas and such, these are always welcome :smiley:

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I’ve got a super awesome idea: raincoats!


Oh yeah, wasn’t expecting it anytime soon lol. You folks have a lot on your plates as is. Plus the world seems to be on fire, literally and figuratively, so that can cause other issues.

Speaking of, here’s hoping everyone is well!! Wishing you all the best!

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I managed to make fish traps work however, after a long time, i checked them and “they have been trigered, but failed to catch fish” . Previously they were working normaly, but now many of them are closed AND empty; and the trapper doesn t go there to re open the fish traps.
I m using ACE only.
Note: i can t remove them either.

Edit : As soon as i promoted a new hearthling to trapper, he re activated the closed fish traps.

Edit 2 : i have discovered the reason, it seems you must have hauling and building activated in the Jobs panel.

About walnut trees while playing as Northern Alliance in Arctic Biome : early spread is very limited right now. The fact that it only bear “fruits” in autumn does add a very nice flavor to gameplay; however, in the beggining i can only find a handful few walnut trees, and i end up limited in the ammount of walnut trees i can spread right away, even if i start in spring. The result is that i have to wait more then an in-game year in order to both have a nice amount of walnut trees AND produce nice quantities of nut flour.

Edit: Let me better explain.

  • Playing as Northern Alliance in Arctic Biome, i could find few walnut trees (something like 6), even searching far, and they only bear fruits during autumn , which in Arctic Biome lasts around seven days - so you don`t have the chance to get lots of walnuts like Ascendancy in Temperate Biome. A herbalist can only make around tree seeds from each basket, and FULLY GROWN walnut trees (the majority i found were small) yield around three baskets at each harvest (small ones yield one basket); thus, it is very hard to have lots of producing walnut trees in the FIRST YEAR.

  • And remember, if you want to use “nut flour”/“nut baskets” throughout the entire year, you need to stock lots of them while they are still producing - autumn only, very short in Arctic Biome.

  • The result is that you have to wait a full in-game year, which for many players is very long time; and all recipes that involve either basket of nuts or nut flour end up being under utilized.

Is this idea still going to be implemented?

Now that we have drinking as well - and hearthlings drink twice a day -, basicaly the cook spends a lot more wood then before. It would be a very welcome change, but i fear it might bring its own share of “ai related” problems, while giving ACE Team quite a complex and long job. I think there are simpler options to deal with the problem, for example:

  • increasing the “log of wood” x “bundle of firewood” rate , from three to 8 (i mean, come on, Carpenters can make entire furniture out of just a few pieces of wood);
  • in food recipes, increasing the amount of input raw food and output prepared food (i mean the number of servings), while mantaining the required amount of bundle of firewood. In a similar fashion, this can be done with drinkings as well.

Not really, a simple “need to refuel this” AI call is quite simple - and if done on a higher than 0 threshold (before the fuel has run out) it is likely that the crafter won’t ever stop crafting unless your town is really busy with too many simultaneous orders and such.

Technically speaking, this alleviates the AI because it’s simply a go get fuel action and then take it to the station, the current implementation does exactly that but on each crafting, since fuel is an ingredient, going after it and taking it to the station is effectively the same logic but done many, many more times. So there is already an included amount of time optimization on the new implementation.

More than the fuel matter, what you’re actually referring to is a matter of game balance, and although you’re right about the drinks being an extra chore for the cook, that is also being mitigated by the upcoming brewer job voted by the community a couple of months ago, so before we change anything on the balance of servings and crafted fuel, we’ll probably prefer to see how the balance will be with these changes :slight_smile:

  • Oh, i`m glad to know that the solution to the fuel problem is simpler than i had thought. Actually, i would not have proposed anything if i knew that.

  • About the brewer class: yeah, nowadays it is a need, though in the past i was against this idea. Even before the drinking update i was already using two cooks often.

  • Is there any chance one day we will be able to harvest nuts from pine trees? That would solve the walnut tree problem (i described above) for NA in Arctic Biome, while greatly contributing to imersion - making NA even more an unique experience.

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pinecones, acorns, and a few other tree seeds can be crafted into “basket of edible nuts” (or something very similar) already, which is a great way to get some extra food in the early-game while clearing space for buildings. Because of how quickly these trees grow, and the fact that you’ll often get 2+ seeds per tree (at least for large sized ones), this can be a good interim supply of nuts while you’re cultivating actual nut trees.

The nut and fruit trees are intended to work as long-term food sources, unlike say berry bushes which will start producing quickly. They take a lot of time and “investment” to get going; but once you have them fully established after a couple of in-game years they’ll produce nuts every 1-2 days for 2 or in some cases 3 seasons, which results in a LOT of nuts and fruit hahah.

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Or for 1 season only (7 days for Autumn in Arctic Biome), in the case of Walnut Trees :slightly_frowning_face:

There is one problem that happens with NA animal shelter (for small animals). I was getting animal loot not only on the roof (this one i solved by building a ladder and adding custom blocks on the roof) , but below the elevated floor as wel - where hearthlings can`t reach because it is elevated 2 blocks only.

I changed that building model by elevating the floor by two blocks (for a total of 4 - now hearthlings can walk below) and removed the “custom stone ladder” just in front of the two animal entrances, added ladders from the builder (they are completely full of blocks, so there is no chance i get loot below the stairs).

And then i noticed neither chickens nor rabbits went to their pasture beddings :slightly_frowning_face: , not until i moved all beddings to the floor below (at terrain level) ; then it worked, all animals imediately went to their beddings.

Note, i really, really like this building model from NA, it is different and beautiful, however it must undergo some changes . :confused:

Edit: because i had something like 15+ animals looking for pasture beddings and not finding one to sleep on (it was snowing - blizzard), i got a massive lag - my fps went down a lot.

Was it a large tree or a medium one? In most cases, the trees start producing at medium size but will only do so for 1 season; when they grow to their largest size they’ll produce for longer.

Walnut trees may be an exception though, NA is balanced around hunting being a common food-source so the various options to forage are toned down a bit as a result; and the weather intentionally makes farming a little less effective.

A small tree. But even fully grown it gives something like ~3 baskets.

Ahhh … makes sense … but still, not being able to plant enough walnut trees so that you can harvest a good amount of nuts in the second (very short ) autumn feels a bit harsh …
One way of dealing with this is increasing the conversion rate, basket of nuts > walnut seeds . The other is making big (fully grown) walnut trees more common. Last time the majority i found were small.

I got the following error while playing, as soon as i activated the Titan Quest (Amberstone Clan side). Note that i use ACE only. Is it a harmless bug?

release-949 (x64)[M]
…nehearth/services/server/terrain/terrain_service.lua:454: table index is nil
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘report_error’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:58: in function <radiant/modules/commons.lua:51>
…nehearth/services/server/terrain/terrain_service.lua:454: in function <…nehearth/services/server/terrain/terrain_service.lua:449>
(tail call): ?
stonehearth/data/weather/titanstorm/titanstorm.lua:288: in function ‘?’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:194: in function ‘invoke’
radiant/controllers/timer_controller.lua:77: in function ‘fire’
radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91: in function <radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91>
[C]: in function ‘xpcall’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:67: in function ‘xpcall’
radiant/controllers/time_tracker_controller.lua:91: in function ‘set_now’
…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:538: in function ‘_on_event_loop’
…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:58: in function <…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:57>
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘trigger’
radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’
radiant/server.lua:67: in function <radiant/server.lua:64>

The animals can’t eat food
There is a lot of food on the grassland but rabbits just run around on it until they die.