[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

And here are some answers :jubilant:

Yes, Brass and Steel plates will be mostly used by dwarves. You’ll be able to use them yourself with other factions by unlocking dwarven recipes (similarly to how you unlock Amberstone recipes, through questing) but they’re of no use for now.

Yes, you’re half-correct. The Artificer plays both like an Engineer but also as a Geomancer - it’s like a hybrid of both - however all the things that the geomancer do “naturally” (like stone golems) the Artificer does artificially, so instead of golems made of natural materials and magic, dwarves will have automatons, golems made of metal and steam and that will also be able to perform more jobs (like combat golems or building golems). Also unimplemented for now :merry:

That one was supposed to be widely available, but it was unfinished/bugged and went down on the priority list. Sorry! We’ll see about fixing it for the future :merry:

I had a teacher that used to say: “no question is dumb, dumb is what you’ll be if you never ask questions” :jubilant:
That said, this is actually a good question! But I’ll just say “yes, there are” :male_detective:

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Could you add large variants of firewood sheds?
Well, i have lots of firewood in my village, and have nowhere to store it, and it looks bit ugly (and also bit weird :glum:) when you have placed 4 firewood sheds next to each other. Also whats the differnce between ale and beer in terms of effects. Im just probably not seeing it. But if they currently have no difference i think that beer should make hearthlings even happier :beer: :jubilant:.
And for the frost traps,i think its a really cool idea and shouldnt be scrapped/abandoned :snowflake: :jubilant: :D.
And the last question (this one is little bit personal) what mods you like / use? Just curious lol :jubilant:

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The idea of the firewood sheds is to place them close to where the wood is needed, so you can have one near the kitchen, one near the Smith, maybe one near your hearth, one near the potter, etc…

So yeah, they don’t look best when placed next to each other although they do look cool when on top of each other :3

But the idea is to distribute the wood around the town so we don’t really have plans for even larger sheds :frowning:

As for the beer, it has a higher quality which gives better thoughts (making them slightly happy) and it is also worth more
But all in all it is very similar, beer is just a bit better :slight_smile:

As for the personal question, I change the mods I use a lot depending on what I want, etc… And there are tons of mods I really like/respect but do not use for other reasons, so it is hard to make a list… But as basic ones I’d probably go with: Canyon, Archipelago and fisher, Goblin and swamp, obligation time tracker, what’s stuck?, extra map options… Then depending on what I’ll be playing some others likes the goblin ramsay and goblin warfare if playing goblins, nordlings if I play nordlings, LostEms if I plan on building new things, home sweet home as well, etc…

Oh you can place items on each other!? :jubilant:
But how?..

Not during building - unfortunately during building you can’t stack items - but after they have been placed, you can placed more on top using the Place menu (the wooden chair with a green arrow button)

To access the higher level firewood sheds, you might need a ladder tho.

But in alpha versions (i revisited this game after 2 years - and it was the best thing i could do :jubilant: ) you could stack items i remember i could put crates on each other ( sad this feature was removed :forlorn:)

It’s more that the pathfinder changed so that hearthlings wouldn’t think “hey, there’s a box that’s going to be placed here later, that means I can walk on it now!”; which is how you used to be able to stack the item “ghosts.” Now, once you have a solid object placed, you can place other objects on it (usually you have to use a move command rather than a place command though, because the hearthlings are trying to “attach” the item to either the ground or a building and other items don’t count for that… but moving an item doesn’t check that, it merely checks whether the hearthling can physically reach where it needs to place the item)

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I currently cant craft desert sun tea, is this some bug? Im playing as tier 2 northern alliance

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Could also be reinforced door stronger than double and tunnel door ( since double door and tunnel door are less material expensive) Maybe reinforced double door :jubilant:

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Do you have the recipe unlocked?

The recipe is unlocked by a Tier 3 Rayya’s Children choice, you are not able to craft it unless you are playing Rayya’s Children and unlock it OR reembark from a town that had it unlocked.

Whats the monument for it?

All of them except the third one (the fire pit one)

Could health values for doors from lostems be changed to match to new udated ACE health values?
Also could be reinforced doors stronger than double and tunnel door since double door and tunnel door are less material expensive than the reinforced :merry:

You just said that xD

As for LostEms, for sanity reasons, ACE doesn’t do mod compatibility on its end. LostEms author has to do it (in this case, @Pawel_Malecki)

(There are mixins you can use, Pawel)

Yeah, well, there may be mixins, the problem is if you want the mod not to require ACE you need to hack your way around it by making your mod’s own mixins and mix ACE mixins into them with your mod’s manifest. Adding ACE mixin aliases directly in JSON mixin list errors out if ACE is not loaded (that extends to any mod, missing mixins cause errors).

They don’t have a "type": "mixin" though so you can just manifest-mix them into your doors :slight_smile:

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Oh, good. But you still haven’t added a sunstroke resistance mixin for custom job hats I asked for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll do it :joy:

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“Fiiiiiine, I’ll give you compatability to play around with [feature] if you fix your doors to work with ACE!”

And this is how large community-driven modding works behind the scenes, folks!

(for real though, it’s awesome to see all the co-operation between mod authors to make sure everyone’s mods play nicely together. You’re all doing great work! Now, if only there were enough hours in the day for Glassworks to get some attention and ACE compatability too… :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Heeeey, took me two years but I did update Trapper+, ok?!

Check back in 2022 and I promise Glassworks will be ACE compatible :heart:

(just kidding, I’ll get to it eventually.

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