[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!


Its in the weaver house, you will see the empty basket and shelf, also the ones at the poyo and sheep field arent getting filled with food, there are items to go in it.

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I also dont know if they arent picking up the basket of crops because there is too much going on? there is HEAPS of storage so idk why. They seem to only pick up the crops when i put a chest right next to the fields, rather than taking the crops across the river?

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Ok, I just tested and found out the problem… It’s the Better Storage mod, unfortunately :forlorn: also never adapted to ACE (although the author did mention they wanted to make an ACE version, it was never released) it does conflicting changes to filters and tags…

It directly affects the storaging of many items (like bolts of cloth) and perhaps others I haven’t checked.

I’m afraid you’ll have to disable it when using ACE :frowning:


OMG thank you! They pick up stuff alot better too now. <3


You’re welcome <3 Glad I could help!

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Now I have an issue with the save always crashing to desktop with no notification DX Is it because i removed that mod from the game?

If it has not crashed the first time you removed it, then probably not

Have you checked the stonehearth.log? Can you send it to me (after you crash)? It gets “cleaned” every time you launch the game so you have to send it after the crash :slight_smile:

You can find it in the root game folder.

Yea it started crashing after I removed the mod, but doing different things each time.

Oh, woah - you’re being flooded by server log messages “Sleeping while send queue is full”. Unsure what this is, @paulthegreat or @max99x, I assume at least one of you probably know what this is? :smiley:

I’m sure Max knows better than me, but I assume it’s just sending a lot of data from the server to the client (you can see this only happens while loading the game initially). I imagine it would do the same when sending data from the server to remote clients in multiplayer, but since it doesn’t happen during actual gameplay, it’s not a big concern.

It looks like the main problem is that there isn’t processing power to do all the “thinking” the hearthlings are trying to do. I noticed there are 35 hearthlings; what game speed is this being run at? Is it ever getting paused?

AI performance is something I can look into at some point with ACE, at least in the sense that there are a lot of AI actions that we add to the game and there’s probably lots of thinking that could be cut down on for those (e.g., maybe only certain classes/jobs/levels need some of those task groups, some priorities could be adjusted [not sure if task groups and actions with only lower potential priority than the current action are completely avoided or not], some conditions getting checked could be simplified or calculated centrally by a service or other object rather than in start_thinking, etc.).

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Paul is correct. The message is printed when the server is dispatching more data than the client can receive so the queue gets clogged. I would expect that to happen if there are no cpu cores available or when loading a giant savegame. It impacts performance but shouldn’t affect correctness.

In terms of AI, yes, actions with lower maximum priority than the current/selected action are culled. That’s why it’s a good idea to have as small a range as possible when using dynamic priority. Also, now that I think of it, the existing actions can probably be optimized in some cases by adjusting the ranges so that they don’t overlap unless necessary (e.g. 0.0-0.2, 0.2-0.5 could become 0.0-0.1999, 0.2-0.5).

It’s a two edged sword though. Sometimes, if start_thinking is expensive, it’s cheaper to keep an action thinking rather than repeatedly stopping and restarting it’s thinking.

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I see
Well, if that means the hardware is not being able to handle it (even if just during load) I assume that the game getting too expensive might be behind the crashes
From experimentation I’ve noticed that my game always crashes if I keep it on maximum speed after a certain amount of hearthlings/time played. My current town (with 40+ lings) requires normal speed to be playable, if I try to keep it on speed 2, even though it still works, it ends up crashing whenever something demands a bit more (like fluid dynamics or a big invasion spawns)

I’d need to check the save again though, if that’s ok, to see if there’s something else that could be causing it like a badly exported model (found and fixed an issue like that the other day with badly exported highland pine saplings)

I have a ryzen 7 2700 8 core and 1070ti so I am pretty sure its not my pc that cant handle it? I do run it on speed 3 alot but it does get paused alot, does pausing the game help it catch up “thinking”?

Pausing can briefly help it catch up, but if you just go right back to speed 3, it’ll quickly get behind again.

Ill have to start playing it a bit slower again it seems lol.

I know the feeling, I too have a somewhat quite good hardware (also a 1070 and an i9 9900k) but start facing similar issues after 40~50 hearthlings if I try to play on speed 3 or 4.
It’s not that much about our hardware but about SH’s optimization and threading, etc… Unfortunately the game suffers a bit from some early decisions (like building a custom engine, no easy task) and they didn’t have enough time to polish and optimize it as it would’ve been in an ideal world.

So this is sort of an issue that everyone faces in SH, regardless of their machines (some people start feeling that as early as 20 lings or so, so consider ourselves the lucky bunch)

We might see some improvements over time (as hardware improves without changing its paradigm) so it’s funny to think that SH is a game that will get better over time :jubilant: but as of now, I wouldn’t feel bad. Just try to enjoy the minimum speed and have fun with your lings :merry: slow speed is great for building or just admiring them working :joy:

And if you would like to make your town feel more bustling without sacrificing much performance, I’d recommend expanding on traveler beds, I have like 25 traveler beds and the town looks so amazing with so many hearthlings running around - and they’re quite cheaper in terms of performance

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Hey i have some questions:

1- i bought some brass plates from the dwarven merchant but i hve no ise for it, i managed to find brass training dummies through debug tooks but it seems like none of my craft can craft it.
Is this some material exclusive for the dwarves or are brass recipes unlocked by some monument?

2- i found artificer talisman workbench through debug tools when i open the craft of the artificer toolbench it redirects me to engineer menu. Is artificer some upcoming job or some variant of engineer? my guess - its engineer from dwarves

3- i also found frost trap, but it seems like engineer cant craft it, is it dwarves exclusive, frostfeast only, bugged(it doesnt show on craft menu) or exclusive for some monument.

4-are there coming new recipes for engineer(i know this is dumb question :merry:)

And here are some answers :jubilant:

Yes, Brass and Steel plates will be mostly used by dwarves. You’ll be able to use them yourself with other factions by unlocking dwarven recipes (similarly to how you unlock Amberstone recipes, through questing) but they’re of no use for now.

Yes, you’re half-correct. The Artificer plays both like an Engineer but also as a Geomancer - it’s like a hybrid of both - however all the things that the geomancer do “naturally” (like stone golems) the Artificer does artificially, so instead of golems made of natural materials and magic, dwarves will have automatons, golems made of metal and steam and that will also be able to perform more jobs (like combat golems or building golems). Also unimplemented for now :merry:

That one was supposed to be widely available, but it was unfinished/bugged and went down on the priority list. Sorry! We’ll see about fixing it for the future :merry:

I had a teacher that used to say: “no question is dumb, dumb is what you’ll be if you never ask questions” :jubilant:
That said, this is actually a good question! But I’ll just say “yes, there are” :male_detective:

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Could you add large variants of firewood sheds?
Well, i have lots of firewood in my village, and have nowhere to store it, and it looks bit ugly (and also bit weird :glum:) when you have placed 4 firewood sheds next to each other. Also whats the differnce between ale and beer in terms of effects. Im just probably not seeing it. But if they currently have no difference i think that beer should make hearthlings even happier :beer: :jubilant:.
And for the frost traps,i think its a really cool idea and shouldnt be scrapped/abandoned :snowflake: :jubilant: :D.
And the last question (this one is little bit personal) what mods you like / use? Just curious lol :jubilant:

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The idea of the firewood sheds is to place them close to where the wood is needed, so you can have one near the kitchen, one near the Smith, maybe one near your hearth, one near the potter, etc…

So yeah, they don’t look best when placed next to each other although they do look cool when on top of each other :3

But the idea is to distribute the wood around the town so we don’t really have plans for even larger sheds :frowning:

As for the beer, it has a higher quality which gives better thoughts (making them slightly happy) and it is also worth more
But all in all it is very similar, beer is just a bit better :slight_smile:

As for the personal question, I change the mods I use a lot depending on what I want, etc… And there are tons of mods I really like/respect but do not use for other reasons, so it is hard to make a list… But as basic ones I’d probably go with: Canyon, Archipelago and fisher, Goblin and swamp, obligation time tracker, what’s stuck?, extra map options… Then depending on what I’ll be playing some others likes the goblin ramsay and goblin warfare if playing goblins, nordlings if I play nordlings, LostEms if I plan on building new things, home sweet home as well, etc…