[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


this, its also nice to use AFTER you already have trees where you want them, but need wood. its like the sustainable option, button.


Also, ACE’s AutoHarvest exists, it’s just extremely simple and if you don’t read the text on the gameplay setting, you might not understand how it works. It doesn’t work for wild entities you don’t own (spoiler alert: neither does the AutoHarvest mod), only for entities you own; and it auto-queues up harvests whenever they become available for all such entities, not on an entity-by-entity basis like the AutoHarvest mod (and you can simply toggle it on/off in the settings). But that’s the great thing about mods, is you can choose what works for you. @Pawel_Malecki is almost done on his ACE-compatible version, and really as soon as he logs on again and sees the message I sent him, he’ll probably update it.

Edit: And the harvest and replant function isn’t remotely random. It replants exactly where the entities were that you harvested. As @Wouter_Sikkema said, it’s a simple sustainable option for repeatedly harvesting trees (or other non-renewable resource nodes) that even skips the stump phase, making harvesting and replanting that much faster for your hearthlings.


List of things off the top of my head that ACE or the base game should include:

-climbing ropes and animations for hearthlings
-ropes for ships on docks (+*water animations)
-ropes for pulling things like a sled for moving bulk

temperature is related to humidity, elevation and wind.

there are layers
-dirt / gravel / rocks, clay and bedrock found at predictable points in relation to lakes / rivers
-stone/ores/ steam geysers / lava

simulation related to elevation of blocks, like drastic elevation changes (cliffs), and basic temperature / humidity expectations in air above chunks like water or dirt. things would change during the time of day. this would be a 2D heat-map of wind in the area around and above specific chunks.
some items this could effect:
-hang gliders
-flags / long fabrics / signs

rain should matter and soil, clay (higher moisture take longer to craft) and plants should have a humidity (soil absorbs moisture over time and will pool together, either to the bottom of the map or the nearest / biggest water source because magic) stone/ores do not absorb water
-underground water network
-steam geysers
-water dam
-ships water animations
-hearthling swimming animations
-fish & other aquatic things you would expect in the given body of water for that biome (mountain lakes, streams, rivers)
-wood enemies should float
-animals that can swim have swimming animations

plants that are too dry and too hot can catch fire (so plants would absorb some temperature changes around them and the water in the soil around them would regulate that temperature, when water is too low and this continues plants have a chance to catch fire) this is important because it restricts biomes plant life. clumped up trees have higher risk of fire due to more absorption of water in the area due to this cycle.

due to there being humidity & temperature in soil all plants have a range of temperature / moisture they can survive in before they will either dry up, drown, rot, or catch fire.

behave differently on different blocks due to moisture content on said block (like rain pooling on stone)
-wheel barrels

with this the entire ecosystem is in place to mod whatever you want


Well, unfortunately you’re going to be very disappointed, because virtually none of that has ever been on ACE’s docket, nor was it part of the Kickstarter.

ACE does have fish and aquatic things, and will be improving them; hearthling swimming animations already exist in the base game; we did add water pumps and dams (gates); plants do care about a range of moisture in terms of growth rate; we do have a water mill (unfinished) and I’ve considered a similar windmill for the mechanical power system… but if you’re looking for a climate-based environmental simulation, this game isn’t it, and as far as I can tell it was never intended to be.


right well if this is all that rain will ever be, I’d like an option to just turn it off because its just an annoyance, same for clouds. can someone mod that?

I asked for this mod like a few years ago but they said they were waiting to work on graphics and options until later. still not happened yet.


@paulthegreat this might not be a bad one for ace though, out of all his err… ambitious… ideas, if we have someone that can do the animation.

(but seriously though @genboom even bloody dwarf fortress doesnt have all of that XD )


replanting in same location is fine, but thats not what the name implies the function is and the name does not tell you what it will do. thats my point. this is a completely different function. I think it needs a completely different button.

this whole plant ownership thing, I have never heard of this anywhere. I of course only try to auto-harvest plants I’ve moved, thats what I’ve always done. am I now doing it wrong? how do I designate that I own plants? I’m not even playing multiplayer.

I really want another option to completely chop down the entire tree rather than only leaving a stump. sometimes I just want to clear an area, and having to designate the same thing twice, is well, twice the work. I really wanted this for the tree stump mod, but I sort of took a break and never got around to mentioning it. is this doable?


could be an option menu toggle maybe? also auto clearing stumps or not, would remove the need for an extra button.


this is why the game should have it, because its literally the only game thats 3D that COULD have it and its part of a company that can afford to make it happen.

right now minecraft and rimword are probably the biggest competitors to this game. but this game can do both in a way thats better for the player so they do not waste hours and hours mining blocks 1 at a time in first person and are not limited to 2D like in rimworld but can still have interesting interactions between characters.

btw minecraft is the reason I hate rain in video games. its like super bad flashbacks. low quality rain sounds are like nails to a chalk board. I literally mute the game after a few days because its so bad. is there someone that can replace the vanilla sound with some super high quality rain? like 3 hours of audio so that its not the same clip every time? it drives me insane.


As I said, it’s already in the base game. :stuck_out_tongue: The problem is more that water itself isn’t exactly pathable, and they’ll only do the swimming animation when they aren’t carrying anything or doing some sort of special combat posture, etc.


no I want an extra button, because I want to do both, very often. I don’t want to look through a menu every 5 minutes to toggle it back and forth.
I play by going to clear an area of tree, then to another area to harvest trees down to the stumps, then I have another area where I *plant trees in specific locations because I want the space to look lived in. toggling options would not work.


I can’t speak for the non-English translations, but I’m not sure what isn’t clear about this.
Here’s the normal gather name and description:

Here’s the gather and replant name and description:

Moving a plant does indeed claim ownership of it. You can tell you own an entity by the highlight color when you mouse-over/select it. If it’s red, it’s an enemy. If it’s orange, it’s owned by a neutral faction or no faction. If it’s white in single-player or your player color in multiplayer, you own it. If it’s another player’s color in multiplayer, they own it. If you have the Auto Harvest option enabled in the ACE gameplay settings, any renewable resource nodes you own will automatically issue harvest requests when they become available.


Assume anything that’s made or added to the game now is via mods, for free, by someone that cares and or wants it. Adjust expectations accordingly.


that was kind of my point. they carry things pretty much 99% of the time. I didn’t realize the animation existed. so I guess I should say they need to update it for carrying things.

also they should float, I don’t remember them doing that either.


Doing this will mean have more animation for diving when harvest or picking stuff. Also it will also mean that they can swim regardless of the depth.


lol? isn’t that exactly how things should behave in water? they float at a specific depth no matter how much water they are in, thats density. there are no waves in the game, so its not exactly difficult. give wood and hearthlings and water a density value, and then make it wobble a bit and boom you got swimming. lol


Yeah, that’s not how the pathfinder works.


oh for the pathfinder yeah I can see swimming being a problem because they will have access to any where on the map, and you would have to adjust when should they swim rather than walk around something, if they dislike swimming or if getting wet matters.

yeah I don’t think water really exists as a physical thing in the game right? why can’t you just adjust the hearthling position to be a certain distance from the top of the water though? I guess you would have to treat water as a block to do that because they still have to path on it. still gotta be a hacky way to do it


As Lord of hacky quickfixes: probably not. I’m assuming a lot of added check, systems, animations etc all beyond my skill level. Just for swimming. How often is swimming a thing? Not often. Cost/benefit: so far negligable. There are better things to fix first.

(fyi @genboom there are like 3 people in the modding community that I suspect are capable of something like this, Paul among them, but they are all already busy with everything else. So huge suggestions like this aren’t all that well, usefull honestly. If you want to help think of small, easy to do things that add a lot of life to the world)


yeah I still want traders that actually show up from the edge of the map like rimworld. in wagons/cart/ships. anything give me real traders instead of just a ui. connect the map to a bigger world type of thing. that would be great.