ACE and stonehearth_ace:resources:coal:hunk_of_hard_coal

I cant find stonehearth_ace:resources:coal:hunk_of_hard_coal

where can i get this or how do i make it in ace?

Its obtained by mining the coal veins.


Only lump of coal and i have a lot of veins destroyt

ok i addet it on the biome it works

I get this error ingame.

release-949 (x64)[M]
…th_ace/monkey_patches/ace_farmer_field_component.lua:308: attempt to index local ‘season’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…th_ace/monkey_patches/ace_farmer_field_component.lua:308: in function ‘_update_season’
…th_ace/monkey_patches/ace_farmer_field_component.lua:258: in function ‘_create_climate_listeners’
…th_ace/monkey_patches/ace_farmer_field_component.lua:52: in function <…th_ace/monkey_patches/ace_farmer_field_component.lua:29>