[A7] Building refuses to accept sidewalk near it

I’m starting to make sidewalks, and I can’t make them reach the building entrances. If I make a sidewalk across the front of a house that gets too close to the house entrance, a divot will be cut out of the sidewalk during the Design stage.

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could you toss up a screenshot?

can anyone confirm this? I am not at my PC but I thought for sure I had been designing roads that terminate right at my doorsteps…


Pre-Alpha 7

Post Alpha 7

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just to confirm (the shading makes it a little difficult to make out), but the three voxels in front of the door are in fact simply dug out (they haven’t been replaced with the road)… yes?

If that’s all that is is then yeah it needs to be fixed but I kinda like that the road narrows down to the door. Makes it more like how houses are currently. I don’t see the need to have the road be all the way across the building wall…granted I guess if you plan it that way the game should follow.

Lucky you! I have a gap between my doors and the sidewalk I can’t get rid of.

This is as close as I can get.

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Fixed for the next build. Thanks @wog_gie, @Froggy, and @SteveAdamo!