[A24.9.2] [Multiplayer] Lightning hits hearthling inside a building

My hearthlings were building a house for the mason, but I noticed that my carpenter got hit by a lightning, even though she was inside the building

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Construct a house
  2. Make sure the weather is thunderstorm and keep the hearthling inside the building
  3. There may be a chance that the hearthling gets hit by lightning inside the building

The building was still under construction, but the roof was already done.

It is unsure whether multiplayer is the reason for it or not. Also apologies for the chat window, forgot to close it :stuck_out_tongue:


You can see the hearthling cowering in fear because she got hit by lightning.
The roof is not visible because I had the building vision active.
With the way how the new builder works, the roof had to be done or else there wouldn’t have been furniture placed already.

Giant Map Mod
Biome Mods
Miner Profession
Auto Harvest

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