[A23+] The Bunny [Cult] Mod - v.2.1 (Updated Feb 8, 2018)


Did you ever wonder where all these magnificent fellows came from?
Well, wonder no more! Because from now on, they’re coming from your masons!


v.2.1: Material Update! Download: [link]

  • Updated to A23
    • Items now have Appeal
    • Fine items changed to Ornate items, including apt recipes
  • Now with recipes for Blacksmith, Carpenter, Potter, and Herbalist in addition to Mason!
    • Number of items more than doubled, including new wooden and clay furniture, doors and windows, lanterns…
  • Localization files added; default language English (of course). Feel free to translate into whatever other languages are desired - I, unfortunately, don’t have the skills for that.
  • Json files now properly unified in format (not like that really matters for anyone other than me, lol)
  • Fixed a few mismatched recipe/image files
  • Removed Stone Carrot; it was causing some issues I couldn’t resolve.
    May re-add it in a later update with more functionality.

v.1.1: Furniture Update!
A22.5 Download: (Dropbox - stonebunny.smod)
-New items

  • Bunnyhead Chair (regular & fine)
  • Pedestal (regular & fine)
  • Sirsana Table (regular & fine)

-New decoration items

  • Carrot Offering (regular & fine)
  • Stone carrot (component piece; can be placed on own)
  • @Hamnisu Shrine (not depicted; added in gratitude to all his help fixing my update mistakes)


  • Many internal updates (changes in pathing, naming convention, etc)
  • Stonebunny statue decoration now has a fine variant
  • Icons changed

v1.01: Quick patch to fix the recipes
-Recipes included were the ones I used in testing, not the proper crafting recipes. Ooops!

v.1.0: Initial release

This mod was developed for A23: [Download]
It has not been tested with older versions.
It has not been tested yet with A23; even if it does work, it will not have any Appeal values. I am currently working on an update, which will include an A23 version for those who want to try it.

Kitty's Design Corner

And, as I shared in my Design Corner, an image of the 4 non-secret items in game:

As a note, despite its resemblance to the mason pedestal, the Altar currently does NOT emit any light particle effects. I couldn’t get it to line up right; may be included in a future update.


Very nice! This could be the foundation for some interesting theme cities :smile:


First patch! Because I’m a derp and released my testing recipes instead of the proper ones…


Impending update:

  • One of my “secret” items had a serious typo causing problems, particularly with the catalogue image. Ooops!

  • New items! Currently in progress:
    – Stone carrot: Used to make carrot offering
    – Carrot offering: Because you have to keep the stone bunnies happy!
    – Bunny Head table *
    – Headless Bunny chair *
    – Stonebunny Bed

  • Note: Yes, still all mason things still. Not wanting to add the Carpenter ones just yet, until I actually get around to seeing if I can make my own class(es) or not.

*Currently playing between which one is headless and which is just the head. Think I might actually like the table as the headless model, and the head as a chair (with the ears as the back piece)


I apologize; the update would’ve been available last night, but I had a creative inspiration.

So the carrot offering went from the rather simple version:


To…well, this one:



The new catalogue items! To be released… …once I find out why it’s giving me an error that I can’t track the source of -.-


Update posted! See first link for version 1.1 download!

Though I accidentally saved over v1.01, so I don’t have both up like I was intending to do…most sorry about that >.<


All Hail to the Bunny God :rabbit:

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