[A23] RC Building Templates

Ok so when playing as Ascendancy and saving a building template, there is a check box to “Ignore Quality” of items so that higher quality items will get placed instead of the basic. That checkbox doesn’t seem to exist for RC and I couldn’t find another post about it.

Result: I have 10 beds waiting to be installed but they’re all too nice for the building.


Thanks for the report! I see it missing in the latest release. We’ll fix it.


Looked at this. The checkbox only appears if the template has quality items in it, and seems to work fine for RC. The current behavior may not be obvious though. That checkbox only means that when the template is saved/placed, the items will be treated as normal rather than fine. I think we decided not to use quality items when the template has normals to avoid taking things that the player might be saving up. @Rabid_Llama may be able to elaborate on the motivations here.

Oh that’s really helpful to know! I started a new Ascendancy game and saw that it wasn’t showing there either so I figured it was something else.

Is there a way to toggle it anyway though?
My problem is basically that I don’t have any HQ items when I make the template, but the items my crafter automatically makes to fill the needed spots in the new building turn out HQ and then the spots get ignored, even after I make extra items that are normal quality. The spots in the building view stay translucent forever, even well after I have something that could go there. Additionally, there’s (currently) no way for me to remove it from the building blueprint so there are just ghost images I can’t overwrite.

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