[A23+] Lowland Plains Biome v1.4 [Now on Steam Workshop]


is it possible to own both copies of the mod (if we need to change versions and etc) or would they conflict in any way?


Steam workshop ?

Is it up to date ? Not too much info there


It’s a flat biome; there isn’t much information to give about it.
Yes, it’s up to date, as I do all the work in the steam uploads first.


On Steam, you need to go to “Change Notes” to see the notes I post when I update the mod; the one for the weather update was on May 3.



Updated on Steam Workshop; added a whole slew of pictures, including Seeds without and with Rivers; one seed chosen with the Giant Map mod, to get a bunch of pictures of the area; zoomed in pictures on a few spots; starting out town; a Bunny Hut built with my Bunnies mod; a night picture; and a sunrise picture.



Version 1.4:
Season Update!





Download and Steam Workshop links in first post