[A22 & A23] Little Gray Men

@Killex the plan is to have you build a UFO as part of a mission. similar to the monkey shrine monument in rayyas children . I’m thinking build a phone home device first then as a secondary mission to build the UFO. got to work out how to program missions first :slight_smile:

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New Version

With updated interface colors, new plants and the start of missions


nice :+1:

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I have started work on a biome

Should i leave this as stand alone or link it to the little gray men?


Not sure how to implement it, but it would be interesting to have an alien homeworld biome become available after the first time the aliens call home :wink:


Hi guys,
Here’s a little teaser of what I have been working on

Its a call home device for the little gray men to make as part of a mission. It is animated with a spinning dish and disk


you shuold add some light flashing lights or something else, it look a little empty

When can we expect a release?

How about crafting gas filters from coal or something like that?
And one more question where do they get new settlers :wink:?

I’ve been thinking of it and got some ideas on on the missions for the Grays.

  1. It’s a crash! So, the new ones may come independently of the town’s state and readiness. A life-pod lands every several minutes in a random location. And you rush for the rescue. So, in fact you start the campaign with maximum settlers and a huge load of problems.
  2. Our world is hostile. And there is a limited resource (e.g. cryocells) That CAN NOT BE CRAFTED. The “fire-peat” consumes cryocells the consumption is significantly reduced if it is in a cave of a building. Each settler needs a cryocell to leave the building. Without a cryocell they just melt. So if you run out of cells - it’s the end! The forge (the smith’s workbench) is the most expensive. Because it is hot! Building it indoors is a big mistake.
  3. To reduce the consumption of cryocells you have to build or dig. Collect rare resources to send some of the Grays back home. Replace the grays (especially smiths) with robots? hearthlings? enslaved goblins? all of those?

The steps of the campaign may be like:

  1. Rescue as many survivors as possible.
  2. Build a call-home device. Dominate and enslave to survive! Or just offer the locals good jobs )
  3. Teleport the citizens one by one. Mind the riots on that stage if you chose to dominate and enslave.
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@Jvalleyep hoping for another release over the weekend but I have to work out what’s wrong with my campaign first

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Oh jeez, it looks like the history channel has bled into Stonehearth now too.

having some issues getting Little Gray Men to work on A23 anyone have any pointers?

think i solved it. needed to update the client.lua and replace



radiant.events.listen(radiant, ‘radiant:client:server_ready’, function()

OK guys here is a release which look to work on A23. I have started a campaign but is by no means finished
little_graymen.smod (685.4 KB)

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