[A20+] Patrol Points

I tried new game without mod, Only the patrol_mod and,gave the same

ok i dont understand gave the same? do you mean the same issue? what shows the stonehearth.log can you upload it here?

stonehearth.log (11.6 KB) Here. still not working.

resources | error looking for manifest in Nova pasta: file not found
2016-05-18 11:55:12.257922 | server | 1 | resources | error looking for manifest in patrol_mod : file not found

It says that he cant find the Manifests from this two mods… So i think it has Problems to open the smodfiles? What System Do you use?

@TenshiKirai did you ever re-download or remove the space in the mods name?

Woop Woop since release Jan 9 it was downloaded 609 times xD


I’m a little late, but Congrats!


Soooo i have update the mod - now it has an real iconic and the regions of the models are correct (i love qubicle xD)


Hello there! im new here, i actually signed up to say awesome mod! and i was going to ask if theres a way to make the patrol points only available to certain footmans, so not everyone patrol the same route, maybe something simillar to forming groups? or maybe having different color patrol points, one for each group color?, thanks a lot for the great mod!.

PS. do you or anyone else know how can i make my footman to “Stand ground”? like set a specific place where he should stay at? (for example make archers stay on watchtowers unless they have to eat or sleep)

heyho with the current system your wishes are not possible ^^ for stand ground the only option would be the defence button in the unit frame when you have select him

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Update to 3107! Becarefull its not compatible with Alpha17 anymore :wink:


Hey with the new Alpha 18 the carpenter can refine large crates. Sadly the cheeky little buggers think because of that bit of golden touch that they need to protect it from bad goblins :wink: and patrol it like crazy. I tried to fix it myself by adding a line for the fine large crate to the manifest aaaand succeeded in the mod not working at all after that :disappointed_relieved: I totally should have listen to those people who say “okay kids don’t do this at home by yourself” :flushed:
But I’m diverting from the subject. Could you add the fine large crate to the do not patrol list? I would really appreciate that!

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i will check it at the weekend when i have time - and not a sleepy head :smiley:

edit: ok was an quickfix - is updated! Thx for the feedback :smiley:


wow thank you that was really quick :grin::+1:
gives @Wiese2007 coffee and pillow
whatever help you better with that head :hugging:

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will the soldiers take breaks for sleep and food? Also can you assign specific people to specific paths? Ex. Joe on one wall back and forth and Susan on the ground patrolling the town square or something.

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for the first yes ^^ because its the normal patrolling system from stonehearth - so there are no new added features just a change of what they patrol and not how

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Perhaps there could be a Rayya Patrol Flag to be crafted with the potter :)?

i will look into it next week :wink:

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What about a stele for RC, instead of a flag? Would fit the theme better, IMO.

is this ok?