A17 Block get lighter when placing 2 templates on the same spot

So i just started to play stoneheart and i wanted to build a castle.
I made a few custom buildings and saved them (castle wall, castle gate and a castle tower)
when i placed them away from eachother in the world it all was fine.
but when i tried to place wall’s next to eachother to make a long wall the texture of some overlapping blocks changed and got lighter.
(note: i used ctrl + c and then ib to build it otherwise it would take to long to build)
i also first placed the wall’s next to eachother (ghost appeariance and if you go out of build mode the building is gone and when you go back in build mode the building comes back) in that kind of “ghost mode” you can place the building in eachother.
When the walls where placed (a few blocks in eachother) I did not edit the buildings extra so the buildings where all recognised as seperate buildings (building n 80, building n81, buildn82, this is an example) i did ctrl + c ib to each of the buildings. and then the blocks where the walls where in eachother turned lighter. both stone and wood i did not try this with clay
Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to the build menu and make 1 building (wall is the easiest) make it 3 wide so: pillar 1 block pillar. save this building (use A-Z as some things dont work and it wont get saved)
  2. go to the build menu once again and go to premade buildings (where the saved buildings go to) and select the building you just made.
  3. place it somewhere in the world but do not build it
  4. repeat step 2 but now place it so that one pillar is in the other building’s pillar
  5. select one of the building’s and do ctrl + c and typ in ib, after this you do that to the other building to (which still has a ghost apperiance)
  6. the pillars in the middle where the pillars are in eachother should now be lighter

Expected Results:
not lighter
Actual Results:
well, it got lighter

Version Number and Mods in use:
a/17 no mods
System Information:
not needed for this

This has been an issue since I bought the game.
It also translates to multiple stones on the same place turning pretty white and so on :wink:

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I don’t even know if this is considered a bug anymore since it’s been there so long. At least it lets you know there’s more than one right? :confused:

The bug kinda is the fact that Stonehearth lets you place overlapping templates in the first place, imo.

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Oh I agree, on buildings it’s unsightly to say the least.