A16 The town of Naptha

With the new stable coming to steam I decided it was time for a new town with a new theme.
it all started with a little temple, I wasn’t sure at this point if I was going to go with a roman theme or a greek one.

but as time went on and I found out just how violent hard mode really was things took a decidedly roman turn, and lets be honest who can turn down the chance to build a bath house?

anyway here is Naptha as it stands now

with the completion of the largest building yet a temple or a forum at the center of town

I’ll be sure to update this thread as I go along assuming I don’t get wiped out when I load it back up

All the best


loving the style and size of the builds :slight_smile: is that thing on top of the buildings just a lucky shot of a villager or a statue from a mod?

That would be a wiseman statue from the Settlement Decor mod, id highly recommend it if you haven’t given it a try yet that and the cafe mod really add some great variety.


its a bit messing as im still trying to keep everything close together as I build but ive added a Victory column that im really pleased with

and a new dome structure which you can see in the back, complete with gong war trophy with I thought was quite roman. I think as I go along and build more gongs im going to encase them in grand buildings. to finish up here is the town in its current entirety

All the best


wow, this is really amazing! the decor mod really helps tie everything together with the statues. :smile:

btw, are those all custom roofs?

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You must have a lot of patiece, placing all those signle blocks… the result is fantastic though!

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yes, every one. but I try and keep with the feel/aesthetic of the build tool roofs, try and keep it decidedly stonehearthy. :smile:

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Just a quick update today, I spent a long time trying to figure out more houses and ended up with nothing I really liked so… I built a boat. oh and a dock

All the best


that boat looks really good! the dock looks so cool, i’m loving the style of architecture you’re going with.

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That is crazy awesome.

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Nice work!

I think my favorite builds are ones that re-create an actual historical architecture style and get the details right. That victory column especially is excellent work.

Amazing town! Absolutely beautiful! I like the way you’ve utilised the custom building mechanics, which I think a lot of people take for granted. Your structures really show the amazing building possibilities that you have in this game! The style of buildings are all matching, and complement the landscape around it.

Have you ever considered being an architect? xD

Did you use any block mods or is it all the usual bricks?

As far as Roman era building go I know the gladiatorial arena is always a favorite. too bad we do not have horses or you could place chariots in it.

this is a google picture from olympic.ballpark.com

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in the buildings themselves as there are a couple of unique colours from the terrain colour mod, mostly different shades of cream/offwhite for the marble and I think one like bright orange I used on one design early on

Definitely something on my list though im thinking something more like a Roman Circus or a Hippodrome first, just because a circle that big seems… intimidating. I haven’t really been building much lately though mostly because the new warhammer total war has come out this past week and is eating up all my free time. that being said there have been a couple additions since I last posted.

Something very much akin to the Pantheon with some pools and a trireme that I dont have a good picture of built so here it is in blueprint form

All the best