[A16] Storybook text mode slection needs editing

Summary: Various editing problems with string insertions. Should be improved for more professional look

Faction string should not have a space before the comma ex: “Rayya’s children , a society” should be “Rayya’s Children, a society”

-Text in Storybook intro should be “a daunting” instead of “an daunting” for it to be grammatically correct. also there’s an extra space before the red text.

  • Darkmoor Forest , a location" should be “Darkmoor Forest, a location”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Game
  2. Go to Embark settings screen
  3. Notice slight problems. Might as well fix them now. :wink:

*Expected Results: Proper grammar and punctuation

Actual Results: A few minor things that make it look a bit sloppy.

Version Number and Mods in use: [A16] 2922 x64


haha, i noticed this too, wasn’t sure if i should report it or not :stuck_out_tongue: