[A16] Lanseal Fortress WIP

Lanseal Fortress is an Elysian castle built along the Lanseal Wildwoods, a key strategic location on any march to the Elysian capital of Lumineux. Although it begun as a strictly military installment, the families of the soldiers stationed at Lanseal began to settle around its walls, and eventually the settlement attracted craftsmen and traders from Elysia’s neighbors. In time, the castle became a small, but well-defended and self-sufficient town with a commanding view of the Lanseal Wildwoods and overlooks the Dolver Bay.

One of the unique things about Lanseal is that it does not have a dedicated town watch; rather, the town is effectively kept under martial law due to the sizeable Elysian military contingent already on hand. Another is that while the castle itself is well-fortified, the surrounding houses are technically not. Instead, there is a large moat dug around the complex, and the most direct route is through a small floating checkpoint to ensure the townspeople’s safety, albeit rather minimally.

Future plans include a lighthouse on the peninsula and of course the entire rest of the settlement, incl. castle, residential area, inner walls, etc etc.

First in-game week was spent primarily on digging/mining (no carpenter for 5/7 days because extra miner!) to create that artificial island and then using the stone to fortify it. It acts as the primary gate in and out of Lanseal by land.


oh my goodness! that little fort/castle/thing is so cool looking! i’m super jealous of your building skills…

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Haha thanks! To be honest though, I think a lot of other builders are much better at it than I am. I actually get a lot of my inspiration from other builders on the forum.

Thanks though!

City planner’s disclaimer: we did not build the graveyard so close to the farm for fertilizer purposes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The carpenter’s house, the first of the craftsman district buildings