A short visit in CA

Hey there people on the west coast, far far away from my home! :wink: (Ok, hey people in other places as well!)

I might be going to Irvine in business in a short while (no tickets are booked, but the trip is kind of decided). They are talking about a stop for 4-10 days… yeah, well specified for a 9000km trip (from southern Sweden).

So, in case I get a day to spend in the area, what are the musts (to do or see) when I’m there? Of course I have the Radiant Headquarters on my most wanted list, but except for that I mean :smile: I will not be go alone, so perhaps the others already have plans, but a few more tips from the locals couldn’t hurt :blush:

edit: Yes, I know that Los Angeles is just an hour away, so tips can include that area as well. And I am of course aware of that there’s probably a million things to do and see, but Beijing has The Great Wall… kind of a must when one visit that area… so if there are things on par with those things ^^

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Irvine? that’s a nice 8 hour drive from Radiant. If you want to take a stop why not though. I don’t live in that area but I go annually for volleyball, if you are a still a kid on the inside there is disney land and universal studios. Or there are dinner shows which are fun like medieval times and some others. If you were in Silicon Valley I’d know more. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: The beach is always fun, it may be a little cold(for californians aka like 75 F) But in summer it should be fine.

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Haha, I thought they were located closer for some reason, probably mixed up some cities… Los Francisco, Santa Angeles, San Andreas… :blush:

Oh well, anything else? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, since I lived here in CA for my whole life, this is going to be hard.

As you probably know, California has a bunch of destinations and environments, like beaches, plains, mountains, forests, deserts, etc.

You must see San Francisco, Wine Country, and some parts of Los Angeles, like Disneyland. You should also see the Silicon Valley.The beaches here are also excellent. Also, you may want to see the Central Coast, especially the city of San Luis Obisbo. Did I mention Yosemite? I am only listing a few destinations, though there is plenty more.


Where in California do you live? Like Silicon Valley, San Fran, Farm country, mountains, LA, San Diego? I live in the south Silicon Valley.

A lot of suggestions, thanks for that! Anything more… specific…? :blush:

When I went to CA we just skipped San Luis Obisbo and stopped off somewhere near there on the way to Big Sur, which, BTW, is a must se

Also for Yosemite in the summer, to get accomodation you need to book months in advance.

I would recommend Santa Barbra it’s got the best beaches that we went to in CA, we had surfing lessons there and it’s great!

I live in the Central Coast, near San Luis Obisbo.

It’s so fun when things changes on short notice :wink:

First they said “can you be there in two weeks?”, but at the moment (since we are not ready) the trip is delayed until “maybe later this summer”. Gah, I was looking forward to go, I hope the trip won’t be completely cancelled…