A Really Helpful Tool

I was exploring the interwebs today and found this really easy to use tool that assists in making color palettes.


I feel this tool would be invaluable to modelers and modders for their models color schemes. It is fairly basic and it’ll help the people who might be having issues making color choices. You can pick 1 primary color and use the options to add more in many ways to make the color scheme nicer to look at and more detailed.

Hope this helps!



oooh, this is slick! much better than some of the HTML “color pickers” i used to use for web design…

this would have saved quite a bit of time! :+1:


Oh wow, this is a very nice find!
This will most definitley help modding / retexturing alot.

Not sure how well they compare but I use Adobe Kuler.
It has an iOS app and the web version’s also suppose to work with your Android phones.

You can create a template/palette directly from an image or through your mobile device’s camera.

ok, sometimes technology scares me… but this is just too much… back in my day (allll the way back in 2001), we had to visually create our own palettes…

both ways, uphill… in the snow


both ways, uphill… in the snow… without sled dogs… on a Saturday?

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LUCKY! Us Canadians can only take our sled dogs to work on Monday and Wednesday :frowning:

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This tool just saved me some work with the console. Thanks!

awesome…just asked about this so I’m going to check this out…thanks for the tip!