A questions about crates in the upcoming alpha

When your town is attacked by goblins will they smash the crates or will it destroy items in them until its empty and if they do smash the crates will the items all fall in a pile or spread out?

also now that villagers will have back packs when they are killed will the item fall out in a pile as well?

I’m not sure about your first question, maybe someone knows.
Concerning the second question, I believe the hearthlings drop all that they are carrying when they die (also, if they have been promoted, they drop their talisman).

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if I had to guess, mobs wont “smash” crates, but rather walk up to them and randomly steal loot… or perhaps, grab the best 2 or 3 items (value wise) and then run off…

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and if they have any gear (upgraded worker outfit, armor, etc)

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Here’s another question about crates: What’s food spoilage in crates going to be like? Will items decay independently or affect each other? And how will it be represented? Will there be some sort of gauge or timer for the items, or will it just be images?