A Nasty bug that crashes the game often

There is this bug that happends randomly (i suppose it’s an event) where a mob is supposed to be renderd, however my game crashes instade.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Happends randomly, no idea what mob it is (or what it really is supposed to be)

Expected Results:
Mob being rendred (maybe ? It happends more often when i move some furnitures around).

Actual Results:
Crash on render (crash on furnitures being re-positioned apparently, not seen it myself).

This has happend to me often, about 10 times this week
(i play this game a lot when i discovered it),
it really feels like an event gone wrong.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Version 1.1.0 Release 949 Build x64
No Mods (and dosen’t more or less often when i have more or less then 3000 items)

System Information:
Win10 10.0.18362 64Bits
12 Go RAM 1 To ROM

Can confirm, this happens in my games from time to time as well. Seems to happen at random.

it ocasionally hits everyone, i think its the game tripping on itsself animation wise but idk, we havent really found a way to stop it doing this yet -shrug-

If you are using Bunny Jobs, there’s a few hats that will crash that way when put on by orcs or bunnies.

But i wrote ‘No mods’.
It means i am not using any mods on this topic.

I updated the post, as i have experienced this additional times, it probably has something to do with moving furnitures around.

So for me… im getting an “error” (kicks me out of the game every…. like 10min) all the time.
Game is closing itself and i landing on my dasktop.
I can still listen to the music but i can´t go back into the game!

And i can´t close the game with “Task- Manager”!
So i have to restart my PC.

I absolutely love this game! But i can´t play it like that !! D;

I Installed the game like a year ago… made a long pause and started the game two days ago.
And now i got this beautiful “error´s” that are killing my Nervs right now! D;

Sorry for my englsih. I hope you guys can read it!