A Documentation of Gavin Fleeswood and Newstrade City

The city of Newstrade is a town of great economy and splendor. Power and influence were theirs. The nobles were the richest, the farmers most productive. However, before Newstrade attained this power, they were often ovelooked and sneered upon. The rise of power of Newstrade was a remarkable one, and of which in this tome I hope to document.

The Fleeswood family lived in the small northern province of Goblinsbane. Gavin Fleeswood, the founding mayor of Newstrade, seemed not a remarkable man. Accurate historical documentations of him portrayed the eighth son of a minor noble as unmotivated and rude. He was often pushed around by his older brothers, and his unloving, alcoholic father did not make matters any better. He was educated at Titan’s Head University and received surprisingly good marks, his first step into fame. Later, he progressed until he received 5 Titan’s Head notable student awards and 2 Exceptional Student awards.

The young, enterprising Gavin put his schoolwork to good use: he became a clerk. Within several years, he built up a formidable fortune and everything seemed to be going well. Then, scandal struck: Aldrich Fleeswood, Gavin’s father, was imprisoned due to his attempt to rob Riverston of several thousand golden coins. This crime involved nearly all of the Fleeswood family, and unfortunately Gavin got entangled in the court proceedings and lost a considerable amount of his money.

His livelihood destroyed due to false accusations, Gavin fled to the neighboring province of Archwall. He melted into the underbelly of the poor, and after several grueling months, entered the provincial military as a footman. After working his way through the ranks, he found himself a Level 5 Iron Sword Master. During the military era of his life, he became quite friendly with a Low-Ranking general. However, this friendship became a horrible thorn in his side: Gavin found himself inexplicably losing money from his pay for no reason at all. It was revealed that this friend of Gavin’s was a goblin turncoat, and was arrested and hung for treason. Gavin was again entangled in a case he had nothing to do with. However, instead of fleeing, he ignited one of the greatest rebellions in history.



Very Nice story but tell me, Is this based on your playing of the accidental playable release (If you got it)?

You might want to change the title from “… Fleesworth…” to “… Fleeswood…”.

Other than that, it looks to be a good intro to a better story!

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@Newf, I didn’t manage to snag an early version of the release :frowning:. I made it up using my own imagination though, which is good :wink:. I’d imagine that the game itself would center on the town itself more than the founder though.

@ManOfRet,thanks, I didn’t catch that :blush:.

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I will definitely be entering Writer’s Workshop if/when it opens. Thanks for the recommendation, and I look forward writing with my fellow forum-goers!

There was notable discontent in the 35th Division Sword Masters. By the time Gavin had arrived, the 35th had already fought several major engagements like the Battle of Rook’s End, and the Battle of Fyrne River. Morale was at an all time low, and the inexperienced commander was constantly accused of dereliction of duty. Gavin exploited this events to his advantage, and on the eleventh moon cycle of the twenty-ninth day, sparked rebellion.

After marching several hours to the nearby town of Aberston, the 35th were stationed at the nearby Osia River. The commander was once again absent, and Gavin was the de facto leader. He spoke the well known words,“This town is rotten, this province is rotten, and this empire is rotten all to the very core!” In what is now known as the Rebellion of Aberston, Gavin and the 35th took control of the virtually unguarded town. However, they did not find their former commander.

After fortifying Aberston for several weeks and regaining favor of the townspeople, the commander resurfaced. He was commanding 5 units of Sword Masters and an additional unit of Archers. Gavin, in comparison, was commanding just a single unit of Sword Masters. In the battle that followed, Gavin made excellent use of siege tactics and his fortifications and even with the commander’s far superior numbers, decimated them with a surprise footman’s charge. The commander was captured, but critically, a few of the archers escaped and was most likely to tell of their locations and troop numbers. The captured footmen combined with a few archers made a ragtag combination of a rebellion army. Gavin decided the best place to make a tactical retreat was Argin Falls. The advantageous position overlooked an easily scoutable plain and the cliff was easily defensible. Unfortunately, the Dead Crow Goblin Clan was at the center of the Falls and would take an incredible army and a commander of great power to conquer. The army Gavin did not have. But the commander, he did.



No one posted for Chapter 2? :frowning: Oh well, might as well write anyway, but it’ll look a bit lonely…

The Dead Crow Clan is infamous in history as the most savage and bloodthirsty Goblin Clans of the twelve Goblin Clans. They viciously defended their tribal settlements in the Battle of Rook’s End, and they annually attacked Archwall’s northern border towns, pillaging and looting an honest farmer’s crop. Stories were whispered around campfires about how the Crow’s army stole children and boiled them alive, eating them with snakes and troll blood. This was the murderous, inhuman threat that Gavin had to face with his bare rebel army. Generals that had led men that numbered twenty times’ Gavin’s were soundly defeated and sacrificed alive to their dark gods.

Gavin began his march away from Aberston a few days after the Rebellion of Aberston, with meager supplies and tired men. They were planning to stop by the northern border town of Rook’s End, the site of the famous battle several months before. The march to Rook’s End was an unforgiving wet slog, and Gavin lost several men due to tiredness and attrition. When they finally arrived in Rook’s End, they found a most unwelcome greeting: 50 Units of Sword Masters, commanded by Archwall’s best.

Gavin stopped a few miles short of being discovered by the massive force that was supposed to answer the rebellion. He decided to hide under a steep ridge, an optimal position: the rebel force could easily scout the army, while the other troops had the most slightest chance of locating them. Gavin sent spies and a few people to disrupt the army’s food and water supply. However, being stuck in a ridge did not do Gavin’s army any favors: army morale started to crumble. If the rebels didn’t see any action soon, they may start to tear itself apart.

Of course, Gavin’s spies were not infallible. After sending one spy to do a routine water supply desecration, the spy was caught. After a dew days of no reports from the spy, Gavin began to feel nervous. His worst fear were confirmed: the spy was caught, and after a thorough sweep of the outskirts of Rook’s End, the army found the rebels. Gavin lined his troops up so that the archers could pick off the soldiers entering at a choke point, and positioned his Sword Masters in a position so that they could attack if the choke points fall. Just as the rebel’s war bugler started to call, the enemy army put up the flag of truce. After debating with himself, Gavin and and his most stalwart troops went to the enemy army.


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Gavin stepped out of the ridge, an entourage of rebel troops behind him. Their direction was a hastily propped up flag of truce. When they arrived, they were in for a shock. General Falsworth, renown war hero of the Second Great Goblin War, was standing mere inches from his face. Gavin composed himself. He expected some sort of demoralizing message, or to be bribed so as to end the rebellion. Instead, Gavin received some news that he never could have expected in his wildest dreams: the Rebellion of Aberston was the spark that ignited a firestorm of rebellions all across Archwall Province: protesting everything from taxes that effectively paralyzed peasants.

Falsworth explained that he was part of a rebel force that declared their alliance to Gavin Fleesworth, and were attempting to get in contact with him since his strategic withdraw from Aberston. During the meeting, it was agreed that a city should be set up as a war capital against the corrupt Archwall province. They would attempt to move to Argin Falls and defeat the Dead Crow Goblin Clan. They bought (and stole) supplies from Rook’s End to support them during their journey to Argin Falls, and a week after meeting General Falsworth, they embarked to Argin Falls.

It was a long, dangerous trip to the Falls. The army suffered from attrition and low morale. They often had to skirmish with minor Goblin tribes, losing little of their own troops but significantly slowing down their trek. After several weeks of intensive marching, they found the main settlement of the Dead Crow Goblin tribe. They stopped at a small hill, hunting what they could and spying on the tribe. A strategy was conceived, and they were on the attack.

On the day of the battle for Argin Falls, the army was put into a special “Squid Titan” formation that Gavin and Falsworth had developed personally. The less experienced Sword Masters were put in the front, with the professional Sword Masters flanking them. Archers were lined up circularly on the back, and their small calvary was unit was placed so as to lead the charge. Gavin had placed the army strategically so that Argin Falls’ cliffs did little defensive help. Gavin and Falsworth personally commanded the calvary charge. With a steeled nerve, the army charged.

The Goblins had been taken by surprise. After hastily throwing a thing ring of Goblin Skrimishers, which were quickly defeated, they called in the wolf-mounted calvary. However, due to their surprise, the rebel calvary made quick work of them but costed the rebels precious time. The quickly rode to the center of the city, and located the barracks. Taking control of the barracks was half of their plan. The second part of the army (non-mounted) were steadily marching to the Elders’ Hut. Making a ring of defense across the Hut, the Dead Crow Goblin tribe was essentially paralyzed.

After negotiating with the Elders, Gavin and Falsworth agreed that the Goblins could have a week to leave and find a new home. The rebels would give them sufficient supplies but all their gold was transferred to the rebels. Gavin and Falsworth established a new city on this virgin land: a city that would lack the corruption of the old, a great new haven for knowledge and trade, a city for the new. Newstrade.


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Alright everyone, let’s read some more of our favorite Goblin-Evicting supergeneral, Gavin Fleeswood :wink:!

Immediately after establishing the rebel city of Newstrade, they started fortifying it. Massive amounts of stone and wood were used to make defensive walls and watchtowers. The nearby area was reorganized into large farms growing wheat and pumpkin. The population was entirely comprised of Gavin and Falsworths’ troops. They started building up the city and preparing for an eventual assault on Archwall. The government was set up as a democracy, but Gavin was forced to use emergency military power. In second in command was Falsworth.

Even as rebellion broke out, Archwall Province was a formidable enemy. After establishing Newstrade, the oligarchs of Archwall immediately imposed a trade ban, a traveling band, and imposed martial law. This only encouraged the rebels to flee to Newstrade, making it bigger and more powerful. It flourished with trade with Goblinsbane, Gavin’s native province. They signed a treaty of alliance and united against the more powerful, corrupt provinces like Archwall. However, this peace did not last. Everyone knew that this was merely the peace before the storm. The peace was broken on one of the most holy of all Festivals: The Monday of the Twelve Golden Fruit.

On the Monday, Newstrade declared that all patrols would be off and shops be closed in celebration of the Twelve Fruit Golden Fruit. This provided the perfect time to strike for Archwall, as everyone in the entire Empire recognized this day as a peaceful day. It would violate the most sacred of all ancient laws to attack on this holy day. However, the Archwall Government were corrupt and greedy to the very core. They needed Newstrade extinguished and sent an enormous troop of 70 Units of Sword Masters to quench the rebels on the Monday. And if this did not violate enough laws, they coerced the Ascendancy’s sworn enemies, the Goblin tribes, to attack the unaware town. With a force of 30 Units of Wolf-Back Goblin Calvary led by the Dead Crow, they attacked Newstrade.

Newstrade did not anticipate being attacked on this most holy of all Festivals and sent no troops to scout the area as he usually did. He ordered all weapons to be put away and all citizens of Newstrade to come to the Hearth. As the Goblin and Archwall armies entered, the Newstrade citizens realized their only option was to surrender. After putting up the universally recognized flag of surrender, not only did the armies not acknowledge this, they fired upon the crowd of peaceful civilians. The armies attacked the unarmed rebels on the Monday and committed one of the worst atrocities known in history: the Pillaging of Newstrade. They indiscriminently attacked everyone, letting loose their frustrations on the terrified crowd of men, women, and children. Hundreds were brutally massacred.

Gavin and Falsworth managed to narrowly escape, taking along as many people as possible. They fled to the capital city of Goblinsbane, Orcsfall, taking refuge in the small province of caring people. They promised to themselves they would avenge the people that the Archwall and Goblin army massacred.

(This one was particularly dark, eh? Sorry about that if you feel disturbed, it felt kind of appropriate.)

whyyyyy newstrade was so successful i home revenge happens

Don’t worry, Newstrade will rebound… or will it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Massacre of Newstrade sent unintended ripples across the Ascendancy’s Empire. Large amounts of people were deeply disturbed at what lengths their corrupt government would go to to maintain stability. This caused further unrest throughout Archwall and the Empires itself, and more rebel groups formed. Most of the rebel groups were violently persecuted and fled to the safe haven known as Goblinsbane.

At this point in time, Goblinsbane started to benefit from the massive influx of rebels, as the province was one of the most free provinces in the Ascendancy. Now, they could go down two routes: stay in line with the corrupt empire, lose economic growth and free speech but gain increasingly less probable “military security”, or break with the empire, increasing wealth and population, but losing guaranteed security from the empire and having the Dead Crow Goblins and the Ascendancy against them, but allying with the rebels.

Gavin and Falsworth went to Orcsfall to persuade the leaders of Goblinsbane to break with the empire. They successfully persuaded them with one condition: that they would become the temporary military leaders of Goblinsbane. Gavin and Falsworth took control over the army, presiding over Goblinsbane’s finest generals and a large number of experienced troops. Three weeks after the Massacre at Newstrade, Gavin Fleeswood and his rebels were once again on the warpath.

Gavin’s first plan of action was to take back Newstrade after his decisive defeat. Not only did it hold great emotional value for him, it was also near the commercial heart of the Ascendancy. Also, it was not very well guarded and he could absorb troops for him as there were a lot of rebel hotspots near the path towards Newstrade. With 20 Units of Sword Masters and 2 Units of Archers, he began marching towards Newstrade.

When he arrived at Newstrade, the forces were already expecting an attack. They were at attention, so the element of surprise was not in their favor. However, the town was lazily guarded, with very small numbers of inexperienced troops. Gavin’s army, however, was bigger with the help of rebels he picked up along the way to Newstrade and was more experienced. He began the attack with his classic “Squid Titan” formation and ordered them to attack.

Gavin’s troops easily defeated the occupiers at Newstrade and took an enormous 10 Units of Sword Masters hostage. The morale was high, and Newstrade could be used as the base for future operations on the attack to the Empire itself. Newstrade flourished under the wartime economy, producing large amounts of weapons for the rebels and becoming a hotspot for trade for the rebels. The Confederate Goblinsbane State was established, encompassing all of Goblinsbane and Newstrade.


Ive got a question will the northmens alliance and ray’s children come also how can you write this fast and shouldn’t news trade maintain weapons and armour

Well, to answer your first question, I do not know if Raya’s Children or the Northmen’s Alliance will come into play, because I mainly make the story up when I go to my PC and write.:wink: My mind is kinda wild when that happens, so it could be possible. However, we already have the Dead Crow Goblins, the rebels, and the Ascendancy so that’s quite a lot of variables already.

To answer your second question, I don’t think I’m that much of a fast writer :wink:. I just sit down and write whatever dark and stormy thoughts are in my head at this moment.

For your third question, I listed in the story that Newstrade’s economic growth produced weapons for the rebels in wartime, So Newstrade’s should stock enough weapons.

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