A couple of suggestions [Deconstruction and Arborist]

Hi there, it’s been a while since I posted here. Alpha 5 is going to be VERY awesome, with the RPG elements being done right (adds depth to the game which is good) and all those small improvements like promotion UI and building measurement.

These two ideas are quite simple (I guess) to add, and helps with some stuff.

First is the ability to deconstruct a building in general. This is good since we’ll be able to recreate the village as long as things progress in the game. Make us gain half the resources (can be even less if balance is needed), but allow us to make our workers remove a building.

Second would be the Arborist. We all love wooded areas, and the ability to NOT put trees in some places next to our hometowns (for deforesting or even as visuals) is kind of a bummer. The arborist would have the ability to raise trees and be able to care for the plants in town.

BTW, if possible, make the flowers we collect become vases of flowers once we put them back on the floor. The Botanist could work as well for that, idk.



Hey friend! Great ideas, but they do have those features planned for the future game. There has been much talk about destroying buildings and replanting trees and plants and I pretty sure taking down buildings was talked in this weeks desktop Tuesday video! if you haven’t seen it, check it out. Some pretty nice stuff is coming



Why we can’t destroy/remove the buildings we do ?
Sometimes when I build an house, my workers stop build the rooftop, in the construction menu I can destory the Rooftop but I can’t destroy the entirely house and it’s bad.
If someone get the same problem or if an fix is availaible please comment ! :smiley:

If the topic is already created by someone I can delete mine ! :smile:

Sorry for my bad english, Im french.


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hey there @iSwapp … welcome aboard! :smile:

I’ve merged your topic here, as it seems a fitting place to continue the discussion on “deconstruction”…

no worries… your point came across just fine! :+1:

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When it comes to an Arbourist/trees, I really like the idea of SLOW growing trees.

Currently the maps are huge (for the small towns we make) so I think it would be excellent for wood eventually to come from far sides of the map. Just like in real life, where the easily grabbed wood around towns disappeared quickly. This would make roads and speed buffs more meaningful later in the game.

So the forester (or arborist or whatever) would plant new trees, which would take a long time (at least 7 game days) to grow one stage.

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Is there enough interest in adding building deconstruction that it’s worth building out a mod for it? Because this is also something I very much want and am willing to build out if there’s enough interest.

For those who don’t know there is a workaround of sorts for doing building deconstruction. The downside of this is that once the floor is removed the hole in the ground cannot be filled back in making constructing a building from a template impossible. However a building could be manually built in that spot.


  1. Open the debug console (press ‘~’). If this does nothing then you need to enable the debug option in your user_settings.json in your Stonehearth install.
  2. Select the door of the building.
  3. Type ‘destroy’ in the debug console and press enter.
  4. Close the console and open up the building designer mode.
  5. Select the space in the wall where the door used to be and it should select the entire wall/building
  6. Select the ‘Remove’ button and confirm and deconstruction should commence.

Now, since this is possible in most cases to use the above steps it shouldn’t be too hard to have a single button with confirmation when selection a building part (door, wall, roof, etc.) that when clicked would perform the above functions (more or less).

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Is there still no way to remove buildings apart from this approach?

I know this is an old topic but it’s the only one about the subject i could find. I have a few houses that are simply broken that i wish to remove.

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