8BitCrab's voxel stuff

@8BitCrab I am so happy you seem to be having fun with this! I was planning on doing bunny statues in my town as well xD

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The sacred spring looks great! I personally like the taller one more, since it really has a mysterious feel. :slight_smile: Have you placed them next to a hearthling for scale?

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definitely am having fun, things like these are my favorite type to make, and up until now i haven’t really made too many voxel models like these…

thanks mate, i really enjoyed making those two, definitely my personal favorites of my models so far. :slight_smile:

i’m glad you think so, mystery is my entire goal when making these types of models.

i actually haven’t gotten in-game yet but the base model was the carpenters workbench, though i might change it slightly, you can kind of get an idea of scale from there.

edit: also, just spent over 15mins trying to figure out why my Rune recipes weren’t appearing in game, only to discover i forgot to put the mixins in the manifest… i should probably go get some sleep now…




my WIP that kinda matches your spring xD not completed yet


alright, here are the first models i made in Magicavoxel, the Grass/Leaf weapons,

Grass Sword, i don’t know the order of the rest, but i do know this was my very first magicavoxel model.

Grass Cleaver, my personal favorite of this set of weapons.

Leaf Mace, sadly this picture isn’t the best angle for it…

Leaf Sword, huh, other then colors i barely changed anything from the bronze sword…

there were two more weapons in the set, the Vine Whip and Vine Staff, but after completing them i exited the program without saving :disappointed: thats all for these, next up i’ll be showing off the progress i’ve made on the armory expansion stuff. :slight_smile:


this is my current Rune Stone Wall Brazier model,

not overly happy with its design…would love some input and/or ideas from you guys!


I think my only issue with it is the fact that it seems to round vs the other ones yah know what I mean?

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You could try giving it 4 legs instead of two. And I’m with @Simica_Na, it feels round and too narrow at the top.

Have fun, Kyth.

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Now we need elves :smiley:

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i Love that Fire Blade nice done.

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thanks for the input guys, i’ll be redoing it later, and hopefully i’ll be able to get something better.


alright, here’s my new design for the wall brazier,

it’s based off of the clay wall lamp, not sure i like it though…

also, here’s what the normal (ground) brazier looks like for comparison.


What is the name on the voxel tool you er using and are that det same one as the dev uses?

i am trying to make the steel shield look a littel bit diffent and hop that i am not doing somting that i are not allowed to do.

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hey there @Danish_Casual_Gamer, just moved your post over to my modeling thread itself,

sadly i don’t have the money for Qubicle, so i use MagicaVoxel for all my models, although for anything that require multiple matrices i use Voxelshop

hope that helps answer your question.

Okay I wasn’t sure where to put the post so thanks. About the voxel okay haven’t heard about thouse programmes I was thinking about buying, but only if that was the same programme.

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so, using the ogre as a base, i made a cyclops,

as you can probably tell, not too much was changed other than the color, but i’m still really happy with the difference. although i probably won’t release it to the public, i think i’ll be using this for a simple mod.


every ogre needs a cave,

after making the cave i just had to put them together.

also, here’s another ogre variant i made,

the fire ogre, he has a tail, but you can’t see it from this angle.


making the fire ogre reminded me of something else i’ve been meaning to make for quite awhile now,


as you might be able to guess this is based off of the Orc model, and it’s still a pretty rough re-model, but i think it gets the idea across well enough for now… also, after taking the picture i realized i totally forgot to add his tail… :neutral_face:

i would love some feedback on this one :slight_smile:


Nice Cyclops Ogre and Hellboy : )

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@8BitCrab could you do a clock face. I have been wanting to build a clock tower. I downloaded the voxel magic app, but I am still learning how to do it correctly.

I was wanting to do it like a tapestry. Wood ones for the carpenter and stone ones for the mason

Here are some examples I found on google. Also this could be a good idea for anyone else creating a mod.


i’ll look into it :slight_smile: can’t promise that it will be completed though


alright, here’s a rough first pass at the clock face,

the numbers still need a lot of work, but i’m really happy with how it looks overall.