[584] New building engine unfriendly to slabs connected to ground


Basically, the more number of stabs contact with the ground, the more impossible becomes to construct the building itself.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create simple template.
  2. add few stubs connected to ground.
  3. start building

Expected Results:

Heartlings finish buildings.

Actual Results:

in the best case, the construction stops, at worst, the game freezes and slows down the computer. Game “eat” all RAM available.


Few examples:
This is what they need to build

Attempt, If the slabs does not touch the ground:

If touch:

Second building more broked than the first
expected result:

try without connected to the ground slabs (builders least tried)

If i try build as it should be, game freezed and crashed

3rd example:

Freezed and crash if anchor looks like this:

The building is handled by the engine, and the settlers are trying to build it, if anchor looks like this:


First example
fisher’s house.zip (5.4 KB)
Second example
windmill.zip (19.8 KB)
Third example
steampunk ship dont work.zip (28.4 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

Latest unstable, no mods

System Information:

i tested few more building and every time, when template have less slabs, connected to the ground, then the further progress goes.