[2395] (x64) - manifest error?

Title: Random manifest spam error.

Summary: At random moments the errorscreen pops up getting spammed with an error

Steps to reproduce: No idea, it is random, it happened after I build the house for 2, in same time a person joined my town, and I have half a wall build. Error happens both daytime and nighttime.

Expected Results: No errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual Results: Nothing changes, but spam is real.

Notes: N/A

Cant open the error details as game is stuck in crashspam mode. this is error:

Versions and Mods: Version develop-2395 (x64)

System Information:

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Hmmm… were you building a stone building?

This looks similar to:

Nice report, by the way!

It’s not the same error. Here it’s complaining because it read “resources:resources:stone:hunk_of_stone” somewhere, and it’s not in the manifest.

But it’s weird because in 2395 you can mine and harvest boulders and it will generate the hunks of stone correctly. Perhaps it happened when removing an existing stone building or road? :confused:

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The building I tried to remove was stopped construction because of a nil error already reported somewhere here. But the building did require stone in the construction, however, the construction did not reach the point of stone usage yet.