2387 Alpha - Dupe Bug?

I may have accidentally found a dupe bug.

It seems when I moved all of my Mean Beds from outside into a building I’m… building, one of them was placed really close to those ground scaffoldings and now theres a Mean Bed object laying on the ground. I had 8, and still have 8, plus the new one on the ground.
This is what the area the beds are in look like:

Okay, now that I sold the extra bed, one of them disappeared… Lol guess phantom bug? :l

hmm… i believe this has happened to me before, thought the item wasnt actually duplicated.

if you place the extra bed it should actually move one of the ones that are placed. it would be lovely if you could try that, to confirm whether or not it does happen.

Yea, the one I sold ended up making a bed disappear

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ok, rude that you lost one bed, but good that its confirmed.