2 questions im stumped

1 how do i equip wepons on my hearthlings and 2does a large building that only has one floor (151x158 floorspace) with a roof thats 8 up from the wall thats 5 up cause issues with lua

I can answer the first :smile:
It’s only footmen who can equip weapons. To promote a hearthling to a footman you need to have a wooden sword and promote him like you would promote a carpenter.
If you have any weapons/armor in you stockpiles, the footman will equip himself.


As for the building, I think the only way to find out would be to try it. However in my experience very large building designs don’t work out well, as Hearthlings have a tendency to occasionally (!) ‘forget’ what they are supposed to be doing.

If you do try it, let us know here how it worked out!

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so whats the third box for ppl who arent footmen and how do i get the footmen to patrol an area i want them too instead of around the storage house i want them to patrol the streets

this is how big my building is thats causing me a slight lag and the second image is the one with the roof

@SpareGoblin i already had a large building built and it worked fine took them 6 game days to build this (with 7 ppl working on it for 4 of them then got an 8th hearthling who went right to work finishing it with them

You can use the ‘Party’ system to tell your footmen (or any Hearthling for that matter) to go and attack or defend a specific area of the map, allowing you to make sure you get them to right place at the right time. However, when not on party orders they will patrol the stockpiles which is actually quite handy as goblin raiders will head for them. I don’t know of any way to get them to patrol an different area.

I’m not sure what you mean by the 3rd box?

Edit: and yeah, I suspect that large building might be the cause of your lag. Good that it got built though.

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give me a second to get an an ss … generating ss… editing image… posting image to pasteboard… grabbing link … Pasteboard — Uploaded Image

Right, got you. I am not able to access my game right now, but I think that is where an upgraded weapon shows up. For example, if you have a mason, you can have them craft a stone hammer. Once the hammer is put in the stockpile, a footman should automatically go and equip it (as @asger1231 mentioned) . This works also for swords crafted by the blacksmith, and armour crafted by the blacksmith or weaver. Similarly, worker outfits crafted by the weaver will be automatically equipped by workers (those without a profession).

so that third box is useless to people who arent footmen then??

As far as I know, yes. Other Hearthlings will attack with whatever they have got (a farmer with his hoe, for example) and will not equip themselves with weapons. It’s possible that as development progresses there will be other uses for this box though.

I think the key point is that you cannot manually equip anything on a Hearthling, they will equip themselves with what’s in your stockpile. The boxes just show the items they have equipped.

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ok thanks and as far as my current lua problem its because od a minor fail my game lix spked for an second while i was regioning a harvest area and it ended up selecting the entire map so theres like over 9000 trees selected for cutting down

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Haha, well unless you want to store a ton of wood, you can cancel the harvest order. There’s a cancel tool within the harvest menu.

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There isn’t anything in the game to prevent you from assigning your hearthlings tasks that overtax the game engine. Making huge buildings with a lot of shapes in them or chopping down entire forests will certainly cause the game to slow down.

Otherwise, there are still some unfound issues where the game struggles for some players despite normal usage.


/me looks at his storage area i think i can handle storing it just carrying it all ugh uber slow

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The third box in the inventory is for ‘offhand’ items. As far as the current vanilla game is concerned, that means shields.


Aha, yes. Thank you.

One good reason for not being on here at work - can’t access the game to check things.
(I’m sure my boss could probably add a few more ‘good’ reasons though.)

#iworkontwitchstreams #lovethisgame #wantto stream it

and side note 4 game days no invasions good or bad should i collect all my hearthlings and scan the map for threats im scared that the goblins are ammassing a force to #rekt# me

Enemy spawns are triggered based on net worth. I think 3500 is required for goblin camps, for example.

if thats the case then its broken i have a current net worth of 1915G (3k some odd food) and been getting goblin camps since day 3

another intresting side note autosaves are taking around 3 mins to save with auto save on quight annoying (this is when lua is using 99.98% of game memory (99% of play time unless i relaunch game 15th relaunch btw ugh ))

The calculation is based on the net worth shown on the daily update, not gold. Also, there are a finite number of camps so once you have dealt with them you are free to go about your business unharrassed.