1 Week Xbox Live Code Giveaway!

First to post gets the code! But don’t worry, after the first person gets the code, I will reveal how to get the code to everyone!

ok, i’ll bite… what does the code grant? :wink:

Ok, Here’s the method!

  1. Go to ssl.skittles.com
  2. Enter 95WJ9 in the top right.
  3. Enter your information.
  4. Confirm your E-mail.
  5. You will be sent the code!
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Lol @SteveAdamo, You stole it with your forum sniping.

Sounds like a great way to get a virus.

I’m in.

Just kidding, someone remove this post before all of our computers get internet STD’s.

I’ve had this problem with others before, and no, this is not a scam nor does it have any adware or spyware on it. It is a promotional page on the Skittles website.

If you’re still skeptical about it, here’s a virus check of the website:

My apologies, you are correct. All that you need to do to get one free week of XBOX Gold is sell your information to skittles, and by doing so - indirectly sign yourself up for a plethora of spam mail services, and adverts.

Even if I did own an XBO, I still wouldn’t sign up for this.

If you do, prepare yourself to a plethora of spam, and don’t forget all those nice surprises like malware!

I can recommend a spam-filtering service that I use myself called DoNotTrackMe. It’s an add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With it, you can create e-mail addresses such as b20gr7vns1@opayq.com in the blink of an eye!

Look, we shouldn’t have to download an extension to sign up for something.

Also, why are you promoting all these random products? The last time you tried to do something like this, which I remember that you were trying to sell Windows Licences for five dollars a pop, everyone thought you were scamming us.

Exactly! Thought! This isn’t a scam! I used it to generate a code to give away initially, and that code was claimed by @SteveAdamo! I don’t understand what’s so shady about it!

The extension is also optional, you can use it to generate multiple codes for yourself though, and that’s why I recommended it.

Wait, so you can use it to generate extra Xbox Live Gold codes for free?

That sounds a bit illegal.

this is going nowhere fast… me thinks its time to :lock: