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Idle hearthlings/no one hauling (7)
Fatal Error, game closes upon loading at 95% (5)
Conversation bug (6)
Bug My workers are confused and starving (8)
Multiplayer Disconnect-Freeze (3)
Assertion Failed and Engine Error on Multiplayer (3)
Hotkey for Building Vision Wrong Name (1)
Rabbits won't give me Heirbloom quest after they give me seeds (4)
Autonomous Crickets not recognizing new stockpile (5)
Carpenter stops working (9)
Cannot play with friend, says they are on version 1.2 and I am on version 1.1 (4)
Trapper Drops Issue (5)
SHED does not point out missing strings in jobs descriptions (1)
Looks like a typo in unit_frame.js (1)
Custom building: doors, windoms etc not visible (3)
My herbalist has spun into a dance of death (5)
End game multiple bugs (7)
Surface terrain patch 12x12 has no ghost (4)
So, Ostriches are basically fish (2)
Traveler reward items problem and Dry&wet stone problem (3)
Road Templates Placed Above Ground (7)
Entity location/collision messed up when anchored to other entities (4)
Won't finish building (11)
Tiny graphic bug (3)
Hearth Upgrade Glory Dialog doesn't work (6)
Stonehearth:kingdoms:northern_alliance, instead of northern_alliance:kingdoms:northern_alliance (1)
Missing ear [r915] (2)
[r908] Unable to create stockpile area on once occupied floor blocks (3)
Gifts at the edge of the map? (10)
Cursor over radio input is not stylized (2)