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Base_job ignored, defaulting to stonehearth:jobs:worker (5)
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No mods show up on mod screen. Unable to continue saved games (3)
And We're Back To This Again (10)
Roasted Sweet Potato isn't considered a prepared meal (15)
Black screen at start (5)
Error with AI during 'Eating' (5)
Crash to desktop when reembarking (2)
Crashing to Desktop on Imac (2)
Save-game not displayed on main menu after a crash during an auto save (7)
Re-embarkation quest wait a month, never shows up again (5)
Inventory tracker bug (6)
Little monster variety? (1)
Show_animation_text command, but no way to remove it? (5)
No ore turning up on maps (4)
Archer won't shoot on buildings or higher places! (5)
Ore vein not spawning (2)
Idle hearthlings/no one hauling (7)
Fatal Error, game closes upon loading at 95% (5)
Conversation bug (6)
Bug My workers are confused and starving (8)
Multiplayer Disconnect-Freeze (3)
Assertion Failed and Engine Error on Multiplayer (3)
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