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About Suggestions [Suggestions] (4)
Compress server_state.bin [Suggestions] (1)
Slice view: Apply it to buildings and trees too! (Still relevant with new build tools.) [Suggestions] (3)
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Stone carved door [Suggestions] (3)
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More landmarks in a map (maybe a mod) [Suggestions] (9)
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Malley and the Cave landmark [Suggestions] (6)
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Update Modding Guide? [Suggestions] (17)
Web-based template builder? [Suggestions] (2)
More variety in terrain texture (more variety in the world general) [Suggestions] (7)
Changing building colors/materials (bug maybe?) [Suggestions] (2)
Editing existing buildings [Suggestions] (3)
A Creative Building Editor [Suggestions] (1)
Crafting menu: sub choices popup menu? ( 2 ) [Suggestions] (24)